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Ozi Dan   
21 Jan 2008
Travel / Fishing in Poland - where to go, what to catch? [71]

UK, thanks for the information. I'm a bit disturbed anbout what some of the shooters are doing in Poland - that's simply atrocious. It's sometimes the same story here in Aus - some idiot shoots a kangaroo or something. They ususally do it with bows and arrows though.

If there's hardly any game left in Poland, I certainly won't add to the problem then. I used to shoot clay pigeons. Also used to shoot my friends DE.50 - very noisy.

Cheers, Dan
Ozi Dan   
21 Jan 2008
Travel / Fishing in Poland - where to go, what to catch? [71]

Thanks guys,

We'll probably go to Warsaw and that area. I'd like to visit Stanislawow, as that's where we're from, so around there too if there's any rivers or lakes nearby.

What is a szczupak?

I'm strictly a catch and release fisherman if anyone's worried about telling me of a spot to go.

I take it most of the fishing would be fresh water based too.

I was even thinking of doing a spot of small game (rabbits, pheasants etc) hunting if I get the time.
Ozi Dan   
20 Jan 2008
Travel / Fishing in Poland - where to go, what to catch? [71]

Hi all,

The missus and I will be travelling to Poland in about June or July this year. Are there any keen anglers out there who can tell me where/where not to go, what I can catch, rigs to use etc?? Thanks for the help.
Ozi Dan   
20 Jan 2008
History / What was the culture of Poland prior to the advent of Catholicism? [17]

Gday mate

There is a good book called "World of the Ancient Slavs". It's been years, but I'm pretty sure itdeals witht he period youre after. I cant remember the author. The book is a large hard cover one.

Also try Norman Davies' various publications on Poland, but in particular "God's playground". Hope that helps
Ozi Dan   
16 Dec 2007
Australia / I got assignment for Community and Family Studies about Polish Culture in Australia. [7]

Hey guys!

I'm currently in year 12, and doing my major IRP assignment for Community and Family Studies.

I'd be happy to help, but the info would be from my dad as I was born in Oz. When do you need this by?

I suggest you go to your local Polish club. I'm sure some of the oldies would be happy to chat to you.
Ozi Dan   
13 Dec 2007
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1366]

So, all you experts, what do you think? :-)

Were you in the Bangles?

Sorry, just kidding! Nice picture