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20 Nov 2007
Law / Setting up small business in Poland? [191]

hello, Mr. Krzysztof,

Thank you for the information.
I am checking how I will be able to work with the company, from two points of view. 1. to be hired or 2. to open my small business.

It seems, I should check more about the 1st case.


17 Nov 2007
Law / Setting up small business in Poland? [191]

dear all,

I've just joined this forum, in order to ask my questions. I might repeat similar questions which might have been already discussed. ( in that case, please forgive me)

I am interested in opening my own individual business status in Poland.
(There is already a Polish company from which I will get projects.)

My questions are

1. as non-Polish (I am Japanese), is there any way to set up a small business with small fee like (Ewidencja działalności gospodarczej)?

2. if yes, what would be the expected fee after establishing the business (monthly tax, etc)?

3. if no (to the #1), what would be the other way to set up an individual business with minimum costs?

If there is anyone who had same situations and already figured it out, would you mind sharing your experiences, please?

thanking all of you in advance,