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seksowny kotku   
10 Oct 2007
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

The comment was simply meant as a compliment to Polish women. I fully realise the danger in generalisations. Ultimately, regardless of ones culture, creed, colour, religion, etc, it all comes down to the individual. Unfortunately, generalisations are all around us and I was trying to make a comment that had some relevance to the thread/topic. :)
seksowny kotku   
9 Oct 2007
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

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On a more serious note though, I have been seeing a lovely Polish woman for a few weeks and she has been very respectful, charming and funny. She is also very careful and cautious regarding men and sexual matters. I can definitely say that she could not be regarded as easy or lacking in morals. In fact, she is one of the most romantic women I have met. She is a breath of fresh air. If all Polish women are like her then they must be among the sweetest and sexiest women on the planet.