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14 Aug 2007
Work / I want to move to Poland (but of course we need to find a good job) [117]

Poland's biggest problem is that nobody cares enough to get off there arses and actually do anything to make this a better country to live in.

I think everyone will agree with me when I tell you that you are speaking out of your arse.. and that really you should just **** off.

I may teach, may work for an employer in Poland but if not no sweat.

Absolutely right.. spot on. You can even afford to fly back and forth at weekends.. whatever for I don't know..because UK stuff is crap. Moved here 16 years ago..never looked back. it is quicker for me to take a plane from Poznan to London than any train to anywhere in UK ..and cheaper !!!!!!

Get a life.. look at the big picture :-)

14 Aug 2007
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

I like a happy topic.. what i like about Poland

The Polish women are very tasty

The Off Road is excellent

The Forests and mountains are untainted by "picnic parks" and "lay bye"

There are Bears, Bison and Wolves.

The climate changes from -20 to +40 celsius

Beer is good

Vodka is good

Town and Cities are modern

Villages and countryside are old

Infrastructure is good

Black druggies, white druggies, wasters and society dropouts accepted by UK and America just FREEZE to death here :-)
14 Aug 2007
Law / Tax in Poland? [57]

Quote Jun 29, 07, 04:54 . #36


so the tax-% varies between 19-40?
I guess it depends on your earnings, is there any table available
to see how much you need to pay (in -%) with your salary?

Could someone confirm is it you or your company who pays the ZUS?

TAX TAX TAX... be very careful

Who are you.. what do you do.. is it a cash profession???
If you are asking questions.. you need an accountant..
...and not all accountants know the Polish new laws that come out every january !!
.not only that.. the Polish government/tax/vat people.. have been known to break EU law by not abiding to EU law..and have been fined !!!

If you run a simple busness can pay 19%... this is what I do - but if you elect for this - you can't split tax with your wife :-).. oh yes.. there are lots and lots of rules/variations ----- choose your questions carefully -- select professional and good advice.

That is all I can advise.. I run a business in Poland, I operate as a contractor to a UK company and I work overseas.. I don't fit the stereotype, so I think I can at least give some advice/words of caution :-)