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26 Dec 2008
Language / Pimsleur's Polish Lessons [38]

It was one of the first CD's I used and I thought it was pretty good to learn the basics (although it's tediously slow at times). I agree that it's not so effective without a reference book so you should use it in conjuntion with other materials.

Here's my translation attempt, (apologies if i've made any mistakes):

Przepraszam, Czy Pan/Pani mówi po angielsku? Nie rozumiem po angielsku. Trochę rozumiem po polsku. Czy Pan/pani Amerykaninem(m)/Amerykanką(f)? Tak
24 May 2008
UK, Ireland / Posting from UK to Poland....not good! [53]

Over the last 6 months, I've received 5 parcels from England and 2 have 'gone missing.' The missing parcels were sent by registered post and the Royal Mail have confirmed that these parcels definately left English shores. So I can only assume that the Postal Post service is responsible for its loss.
22 Feb 2008
Work / Cost of Living, Average Salaries and Job sites in Poland [263]

Obviously it depends on lifestyle and where you live.

I pay 1600zl rent per month for a good, modern 1 bed apartment in the centre of town. I get paid approximately 3000zl per month and I can easily afford bills, food, internet and still have enough left over for beer, restuarants, cinema etc.

... I think you'll be alright somehow