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27 Jul 2019
Love / Attraction from a Polish man? [22]

Kapris - You stared at each other for 30 minutes?

Yes, we did, but we talked at the same time.

I do feel something for him, he makes me confused.
The First time I met him he was v e r y enthusiastic he stod so close to me I could feel his breath.
I thought that he was a little bit weird, since it was the First time we met.
Then I realised that he had seen me several times before, without me knowing.
I felt some tension in the beginning, which was still there when I met him again.Only stronger.
Last year he didnt stare into my eyes for as long as this time.I guess he didnt have a natural reason to talk with me,now he had an excuse.
27 Jul 2019
Love / Attraction from a Polish man? [22]

Johnny reb then maybe you can put some other perspective on this mans behaviour and talk about the other questions that I asked about.I realise that lovethreads are not your thing.Could it be that polish men in general are more easily offended by things ? That is also something I was wondering about.

People might be the same all over the world, but since I grow up with a father from another country, I cant deny that different countries cultures, values and traditions affects our behaviour a lot and that makes people ask things in threads on forums like this one.
27 Jul 2019
Love / Attraction from a Polish man? [22]

Johnny reb - why do you prefer two non Polish men's answers ?

Because they gave me good answers.If you can add some meaning to this thread go ahead,especially if you are from Poland.
But so far you have only accused me of being a male.(which I am not ).
27 Jul 2019
Love / Attraction from a Polish man? [22]

Johnny reb - The thread definitely needs to be deleted as it has nothing to do with Poland specifically.

Well the topic is about polish men and how they behave if they meet women of their interest.
In my case I am wondering about a specific polish persons behaviour and I want to hear other peoples opinion.

Johnny reb - This is a gay guy trolling for a new boyfriend in my opinion.

No, I am 100 % a woman and I prefer the informative answers that pawian and Lyzko have given me.

@pawian;this man might behave like an ape, but thankfully he is not an hairy ape.
27 Jul 2019
Love / Attraction from a Polish man? [22]

Dougpol1 - Also, why on earth would a woman be interested in an ape like "your" foreman?

He didnt schratch himself, he was pressning down and fixing with his "friend".

It could be that he tried to make himself unattractive, or something like that. I just dont know.
Or he might have used the smallest underwear ever or his "friend" was making it hard for him..

If I compare him with his colleagues he is definitely more like an ape than they are.
I am a bit tired of boring perfect men,that might be the reason why I am attracted
to him.I still wonder if polish men in general adjust their crotch in front of others.
27 Jul 2019
Love / Attraction from a Polish man? [22]

Joker -Yet, you didn't ignore it, and then proceeded to compose 2 paragraphs telling us about the crotch adjustments.

I wrote that I tried to ignore it, but it was too hard to ignore..the way he adjusted his crotch was not exactly discreet, most women notice such thing whether we want to see it or not.I think I never seen a man do it like this before, most men do it quite discreetly.He was very aware that I could see him.

Joker - Perhaps, he has Crabs?

No,I doubt that, since he didnt schratch himself energetically.
27 Jul 2019
Love / Attraction from a Polish man? [22]

Last year some polish painters worked at my home.I mostly spoke with their foreman.I noticed that he stared at me a lot. I didnt think anything more about it since he is married.After a year the paint needed a correction and the Foreman came over again.He was kind of weird and blamed everyone else.I get the feeling that polish men have a hard time accepting women who tells them if they have Done a bad job.He used to be helpful but not really now, I had to speak with him for almost 30 minutes about things we already knew.He was stubborn and he said hilariously stupid things as if he lost his mind.I dont understand why, he didnt behave like this last year.

For some reason the Foreman had his brother with him as he did the last time we met the previously year.It felt as if he wanted to show me to his brother, because his brother never worked at my Home.His brother stod beside us for some minutes we started to speak, he didnt say so much, they only spoke polish with eachother, then his brother just looked at us and then he went back to the car and waited for almost an hour.Last year his brother didnt seem all to Pleased to meet me, but this time I was met with a friendly smile.

During our talk,the Foreman stared deeply into my eyes, I thought to myself that he must be interested, because the gaze that he gave me was similar to the gazes of other guys,who Ive been romantically involved with before.I couldnt help it but I stared back into his eyes,it felt as if it was the most natural thing in the world,as if we where hypnotized by the staring.We just stared and stared without looking away for several minutes, it continues for almost 30 minutes.l felt something, but it might just be me who felt it.

At the end of our talk the Foreman suddenly adjusted his crotch, I tried to ignore it, we stod quite close to eachother.Then he went out to the hallway, I came shortly after him and to my embarrassment he was adjusting his crotch again..a lot...Like as if he was trying to make something to lie down, if you know what I mean..I just didnt know where to look,I ignored it again.We went into an other room and then he did it again ! It was just minutes before he was going to paint by himself, so I cant understand why he couldnt stop himself from adjusting his crotch infront of me.

After he had Done his work he teased me when he went out of the door.
I had thoughts about doing some advances, but since he is married ...No.
A month after his visit I realise that he was separating from his wife around the time he was at my home.
At least it looks as if they are separated, it might be of other reasons too.

I might sound as a stupid teenage girl, but did he show any interest or am I just silly.

Is it common of polish men to adjust their crotch infront of women, or did he do it just to be rude?
How does polish men show interest if they want a woman?