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26 Dec 2019
Work / Hungarian guy looking for job - planing to become a student at Politechnika Gdanska [13]


Summer job in Poland for foreign students

I am thinking to go to the south of Poland for about a month in summer. I would really work somewhere, such as a restaurant, children's camp or whatever, in the forest-area of Zakopane. Any idea how and where is it possible? (I am a Europen citzien).
16 Nov 2018
Study / Good cheap course to learn Polish in Warsaw [44]


2-3 week Polish language course/ work in Warsaw/Kraków

Hi guys!
I am from Hungary, and it is now 2 months that I started to study Polish.Howewer, I feel that my polish only in a native envorinment would improve really well.I was looking for courses, or even some work for student at summer, but since that I didn't find anything. Some courses are too expensive (Jagellonian University) or just too long, and in September I must go back to university. Could you recommend me something ?