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11 Oct 2018
Off-Topic / Slavic languages - oldest European languages. [12]

Ukrainian and Russian sound a bit... "hillbilly" or rural lets say, to me. Something that I would expect to hear in the mountains of Greece or in areas with shepherds or maybe farmers. This is not just a stereotype, you can find similar pronunciation in some mountainous areas of Greece. Nothing bad about it but for example some phrases in Russian have caused me to laugh because of how they sound. (which makes me feel a bit bad but what can I do...)

Serbian, Czech, and Polish sound pretty cool though. Especially Polish, when I had first moved to Poland I was occasionally recognizing them as French and I know at least one more Greek that misrecognized Polish as French. They seem to have a pretty light pronunciation even though they have tons of consonants. I consider Polish one of the languages that I generally enjoy listening to.