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16 Oct 2017
Law / Flight Reservation Question for National Visa D Type - appointment in Poland's embassy [5]

You do not need to pay for any flight reservation while making it, i will suggest you go to or there you can put any date you will to travel and return, once it is done click payment by bank transfer, real ticket will be issued to you once your money arrived in their account, you should do this few days before you go to the embassy and once you have confirmation from the reservation (which you will have immediately) you can print it out and take it to the embassy.

I do this every year for my mother when she is visiting, after the visa is issued, we go another place and buy cheap tickets.
16 Oct 2017
Law / Re-entry into the Republic of Poland [2]

Hi, i think the best way to look at this is to ask your girlfriend to come to India perhaps do some form of marriage and you can apply at the embassy as a husband of Polish citizen or you can ask your school to send you invitation (this only happens when you still have graduation to do and also you have very good contact with someone in the school)

Good luck man