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30 Sep 2017
Life / What would you do in my situation (Americans lied to Polish cops about my reason for deportarion) [7]

So I had a run in with the local cops here in warsaw for small theft, or attempt of small theft. They told me I wont have to see court or judge or anything, but they were able to look up my info and see that I was thrown out of the u.s. as you guys know. Now here is the thing, those fuking American coward trash miserable trash from ghettos claimed I was thrown out for molestation, they didnt even specify the charge from 2009 that wasnt even molestation but a misdemeanor annoy or molest, they made it sound like i mollested some kid and was thrown out of being many years in prison, thats how those american trash presented it, but the cop knew that country is full of liers and how they discriminate in their justice system and how much time people do there how sick it is. when the female cop wouldnt believe some of the things i started syaing how they gave me four yrs for a fight with a gypsy who attacked me first who himself had a record snd with a paid lawyer named george gigarjian, he shut her off s couple times "ja slyszalem podobne zeczy" "ive ehard similar tales from the u.s." they also said that is what they have in their system as the u.s. cops sent that kind of info tod sbrowa gornicza for some reaosn where im not living, i wasnt deported to and i have friends there and would visit my grandma there when i visited poland from u.s., but i wasnt even born there. the only thing i can think of is they used my facebook hometown as the reference point as i have dabrowa listed to give the cops there the info. so they started prying on my facebook lol cowards.

i think what they did is against the law though, saying i was deported for something i wasnt. i lived until 2014 from the time i got oit in 2010 on the charge they claimed i was deported for. the assualt or fight with gypsy happened in 2014. they probably k ow its a bunk charge based on discrimination and didnt want to admit it or have to explain it to police police so they went baxk on my record. but i still think this is way worse police misconduct than in polanski case. its straight lying. im thinking of having my mom sent the files on my whole record and what i most recently did time for and either go to the dabrowa police dept or a lawyer but i wonder if i could sue them or make that ameryka trash country pay somehow and their trash society, their gold digger ******, their spic and black gang bangers and everything that exists there and most of the west. fuk them fully. coward liers just like their coward citizens who arent men and cant fight one on one or lose and not call cops.

Anyway, what do you guys think I should do. And in the meantime kepe the docs saying exactly what I got thrown out for and did time for? How do you deal with such cowards who use little power they have at their disposal to fuk over whites or polish slavs? or probably anyone not american white and born in their crap land. they trat their own actual molesters not very bad, in fact plenty i did time in the county jail including a blaxk pimp who never even went up while they sent me up for a fair one on one fight with a gypsy trash named ralph luciano. thats why i aint afraid of them anymore, you only live once and i wont let them run me or my life anymore i will expose and write about them every day if I can and hope the polish hooligans here take care of their loud mouth tourists like the russians did on the beits in euro 2016. let those cop calling and jumping cowards come to poland and start ****.

Anyway, should opI just go to lawyer first or show proof of ehat zi sat for to thr cop office they sent thr info to ind Dbrowa?