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29 May 2017
Law / Sport fishing in Poland - Do you need license or buying permit to fish in the sea and coastline? [7]

@gumishu, yes please! :D

I would love to have that information you mentioned if you could please link that for me. And if you by any chance has some website for those informations regarding the sea regulation, please link. It could be in Polish, I can use Google translate to translate it myself but I just need to have that website since I couldn't manage myself to find the correct one.

I'm very grateful for your help, thank you for that!
29 May 2017
Law / Sport fishing in Poland - Do you need license or buying permit to fish in the sea and coastline? [7]

Hello fellow polish friends,

I come from Sweden and will be here to visit Poland soon this summer. In my country, it's free and no license to fish in the sea. But how about Poland?

I know that as a foreigner, you need to buy permit to fish in lakes and rivers in Poland (You sometimes don't need to take fishing license if you are foreigner but you do need to buy permit).

But how about the sea and the coastline of Poland?

I mean, the government doesn't need to plant fish there so it will not cost them any money. So shouldn't permit on coast line and sea be free? How do I as a foreigner fish in the sea or coastline of Poland?

It seems like there are a lot of information about sport fishing in lakes, ponds and rivers in Poland but nobody is mentioning about the big sea and coastline which you have up north?


I would be very grateful if you could please help me out to clarify the regulation and rules regarding this matter, thank you! :)
12 Jan 2017
Law / Best way to avoid tax when shopping online outside EU into Poland? [4]

Hi, I have lived in Poland for a few years and from my previous experience, it seems like Poland have a very strict custom duty office. They always catch me buying stuff online from Asia and it's very hard to avoid tax here in Poland even though I'm not even a Polish citizen.

My question is: Do they have a custom duty office in every city in Poland or only bigger cities?

I live right now in one of the bigger cities in Poland and it seems like they double check (custom duty) in both Warsaw and this city (Krakow).

What happens if I order to a friend who is living a smaller town, do they also have custom duty office in smaller towns in Poland? Maybe it's easier to avoid tax if you order it to a small town instead of big city? What do you guys think?

I always ask the sellers to declair my package as "20 USD" and it says "Gift" but polish custom duty are very smart, they know all the tricks so it's not easy to fool them.