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4 Dec 2016
Real Estate / Finding land registry number by an address in Poland [16]

There is a way to find the registry number if you have the address or the identification number of the land lot - you would need to use a commercial search engine which has database od most land registry numbers indexed. Here you can find article (in polish) about it:

In very brief: All you need to do is to follow the link to the search engine mentioned on that website, the search engine enables to search for the land registry number by entering address or parcel id, author claims it works because it worked for him a few times. To use the search engine you need to log in and search for the number, no private data is required to be entered or submitted when registering.It costs about 29 zlotys (payable via wire transfer, not by credit card) and in most cases the search wiil reveal the land registry number which you can then look up in the official registry.