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1 Nov 2016
News / 10 year prison sentence for Polish lorry driver who killed 4 people while driving and using his mobile phone [90]

Polish driving is atrocious

Nonsense. I can't even count how many near misses I have seen in England by English drivers. Few of those situations make me happy I'm still alive. British drivers don't use indicating lights nor seat belts. British attitude is terrible as well. I have never been yelled at in Poland and I have never witnessed road rage. In Corby, Northamptonshire I got yelled at and forced off the crossing few times and once a driver ran over my foot simply because I was crossing and he didn't like it even when I was in the middle of road before he was even close.
1 Nov 2016
USA, Canada / Poland not far behind the USA? [20]


This is why Poland should never trust USA...

... and it's puppet states such as UK, Israel or Saudi Arabia.

"You might call it the western european policy of WW1 as military technology went on the oil standard after all, it is similar to the policy on nutmeg as a strategic resource entailed the murder of almost everyone on a spice island.

Here with oil embargoes going back to 1967 we have had a severe threat to the fuel needed for B-52's the rain bombs down on North Vietnam, Cambodia, and beyond as well as liberally spray agent orange and napalm as we wished. Then we began our never again policy"

More here:
19 Oct 2016
Life / Life in Poland for Indians !!! [14]

Indians? The ones with a dot on their forehead? I dont want to be heard as an evil guy but dots on your forehead make you "Ciapaty" and be treated like that. No offense.