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Princess Anna   
21 Apr 2016
UK, Ireland / Polish candidate for London mayor to represent 2nd-class citzens [26]

I came from Poland 35yr ago and can confirm that English people always look down at foreigners. However others like French are even worse. British people have to wake up and realise that great empire is finished. And after referendum they probably will. This world would be much better without borders of any kind. When it comes to Polish people, they were under occupation of foreigners for 200yrs then British sold them to Stalin for another 50yrs. Polish pilots were the most successful in the Battle of Britain, they fought in Africa, Italy and every front. Also it was 3 Polish mathematicians who broke Enigma code, but British people don't want to know it. When it comes to Polish scroungers, World Bank estimates that they will contribute to British economy by little sum of £63.7billion by 2020! Regards.