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28 Apr 2016
Real Estate / Where can I find a nice area to rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment in or near Katowice? [48]

Hi all,

I'm moving to Katowice with my wife.

I would like to know if the area of Kilińskiego and Żwirki i Wigury is a good place (safe) to live in Katowice.

When I ask about safety I mean for example, some days I need to work till late of night, Could I get back to home walking? or, could my wife go to supermarkets at night? Just examples of routines.

Thanks in advance.
17 Mar 2016
Life / Cost of living in Katowice, Poland [53]


Thank you for all answers.

The Yorkshire terrier is number one for dog thieves (no idea why!)

Serious?! Thank you for that.

Zero problems, if you're a hard dude like me:)

LOL. I was thinking on my wife =)

Medicover is your friend

I will have private healthcare from company and I believe it will work with Medicover =)
17 Mar 2016
Life / Cost of living in Katowice, Poland [53]

Merged: Katowice - Informations about living in city for foreigners

Hi all,

I'll move to Katowice in the next months to work and live with my wife (without kids).

I did researches about Katowice and now I have some doubts and I need help. My doubts are basically about living in the city.

1. What are the best areas to rent apartment and live in Katowice?

2. I am looking for apartments, however I have preference to live in a house (but at begin is my second choose). Where are the best areas of Katowice to find house to rent?

3. We have a dog (small Yorkshire) and how is the acceptance of dogs in the city and from landlords?

4. How is the public transport in Katowice, for two adults is necessary to have car?

5. How is the security of city in general? Some areas I should be avoided or is it not necessary this kind of worry in Katowice?

6. How easy/difficult is it to live in Katowice without being able to speak Polish? (I speak just basic sentences to have respect on approach).

7. Are there English speaking doctors/hospitals in Katowice?