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14 Mar 2017
Law / Do foreign students graduated from Polish university need work permit before finding job? [24]

I'm from the U.S. and I did my MA in Lublin (the degree is in Philosophy). I was able to apply for a special temporary residence permit for the year subsequent to finishing my degree (and was also granted the ability to work without a work permit). I am about to renew my temp. residence card -- do I also need to apply for a work permit?

To the question "Who may work in Poland without a work permit?" one website answers:

... is a graduate of Polish secondary schools, or has completed full time studies (tertiary education), or full-time doctoral studies at Polish universities and scientific and research institutions.

Does this mean that I do not need to apply for a work permit?

Thanks in advance.
14 Jan 2017
Work / Taxes in Poland if working for American company? [12]


Taxes - working remotely for a US company from Poland

Hello, I'm currently living in Poland. I work as an English teacher, but I'm also in the midst of working for a US company for a small project. Since the work is just contract-based, I'm considered a freelancer and I am not quite sure how taxes would work in Poland. What would my tax rate be? If anyone has any advice on this dilemma, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you :) Thanks.
16 Mar 2016
Work / Salary of a Native Speaker Proofreader in a company in Poland [11]

Thanks for the info.

Type of text: From what I can tell (from the obscure advertisement) the proofreading is of a translation of text for a project pertaining to the EU. Basically, a trained translator translates the text from one EU language to English, and I am supposed to proof read it for mistakes. Not much more information was given.

Education: I've got my degrees in Philosophy (BA and MA). One can argue that I am qualified to proofread academic texts :)

I would be paid off of a monthly salary (plus benefits) but I just want to make sure I'm not asking for too little.