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15 Mar 2016
Law / Rental Contract Price increse during contract in Poland - What are my rights? [2]


I'm currently renting an apartment in Wroclaw and have 3 months left of the contract, 1 week before the following rent payment (3-weeks early!!) the landlord asked for and extra 64zl EACH month citing 'increase in utility's cost, witch she then downplayed to the cost of Internet going up'.

Now in the contract we pay a fixed amount for utility's +media

Any increase would effectively break the contract?, Plus 1-month notice must be given of any increases by law? and therefore even if i am liable to pay the increase shouldn't it, due to timing of being informed be the next rent payment after?

§ 3 (Google Translated)

1. The Parties shall jointly agree the amount of rent in the amount of 1,500 zł (say: one
one thousand five hundred zł) per month, which includes all the costs, ie .:
1,050 zł (monthly lease) + 450 zł (rents + media), which will pay TENANT
accordance with this Agreement. Payments will be paid in advance by 10th of each month
calendar to account number XXXXXXXX and will be settled on a periodic
based accounts, utility providers.

Now i am unsure whether or not i am obligated to pay the extra 64zl, due to
''Payments will be paid in advance by 10th of each month
calendar to account number XXXXXXXX and will be settled on a periodic
based accounts, utility providers''

From my understanding settled on periodic based accounts, utility providers, means based on usage. So in theory if i use less i should get my money back, and if i use more ill have to pay more (which she has not done so, the place is tiny and we are very spartan with our usage). But Internet is also NOT classed as utility but rather media, so technically i am not obligated to pay for this as there is no mention when settling accounts, even though my 450zl covers it.

On a side not the landlord is now asking for cash (For obvious reasons), while i payed previously in cash (3-months at a time in advance-with receipts) i started paying online (As stated in the contract). I do not want to pay cash due to poor safety in the area, and a random unprovoked physical attack!!! at witch i ended up in hospital!!

Each time i pay the rent the landlord insists i pay earlier and earlier, and this is getting out of hand, i am now going to pay monthly the week beginning (Contract says till the 10th of each beginning month). She has also told me not to open the door to guests and not to say i rent there. (This is all getting rather silly).

Although it probably going to be fruitless am going to also contact the original agent (Large company) i signed the contract with and see where i stand.

Any advice would be much appreciated and if possible any quotes and links to polish law on the matter.

Thank You.
31 Aug 2017
Law / Pepper Spray Legality in Poland [9]

Polish police are useless, it's best just to avoid there types of situations.

I was once on my way home carrying shopping when I entered the stairwell if the block I lived in. The guy living in the ground floor set upon me, long story short with me bleeding from the head, and the other guy untouched and grinning with his mother who came out later said I had broken in......

Both stunk of alcohol, the police declared it was a civil matter and there was nothing I could do, despite my protest and overwhelming evidence including the call to the police during the beating.