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13 Mar 2016
News / Demonstrations in Poland in defence of democracy. [2554]

This entire organization, KOD, is financially supported by Soros, its no secret. It has nothing to do with Poland, or protecting "democracy" or even being decent, and majority of people involved in it are of known heritage. All this apart they have no support whatsoever and even if it came to early elections PiS would win again.
12 Mar 2016
USA, Canada / Leaving Poland. How can I adapt in the US having no family or friends in this country? [13]

I dont want to discourage you in any way, but you will not receive any scholarships in USA unless your status is regulated - read legalized. Second, USA you are white, meaning you will not be considered as a minority (even you clearly will be one), so even if your status is legalized your access to scholarships will be limited by affirmative action agenda. Us is VERY weak on social help in general, health insurance/care is abnormally expensive and you cant count on government to help you in any way. Honestly, I think you is a really bad idea and this comes for a person that lived the scenario you are planning. If I were you I would aim for Canada and once you're educated you may seek employment in US - many Canadians are doing so, but hardly any Americans. Canada, more or less, fills in all the gaps I described above. Best of luck to you.