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5 Oct 2015
USA, Canada / Moving from Canada to Poland? I'm fluent Polish and could teach English. [24]

This conversation is 5 years old and many things could have change in the country but still I can relate my story that may help other readers.

I am Polsh Canadian (two passports holder) wanting to move to Poland with my Indo-Canadian wife and son. I have been in Canada over 15 years and beside its being a great country for life comfort I find myself isolated and disconnected a bit, I still think Canada is for Canadians born here. Anyone else is an outsider and will feel that due course of time, unless you move here with your whole family. Some people do not need old good fiend and family. Not me so much. I simply want to live where people can understand me and know who am I, judge me for what I am and was, and not for my face and look. I live in BC and perhaps it is also a problem, people do not open very easily. I have long history in Poland and many friend and loving family.

As an english speaking person you can get well paid by teaching privately. Forget about a job unless you are in finance or construction, engineer or manager. Or you have your own business. My of my friends have businesses and they are doing very good. They are helping me by giving ideas, contacts or just help. Food is very tasty and you can get everything. You can get raw milk here, not in Canada. Canada is over regulated. You need to come to Poland with money and make money otherwise you will be like the rest of Poles, complaining. I find Poles in Poland are more approachable and easy to connect than in Canada.

This year I met person in Katowice who came to teach in Poland 18 years ago and she instantly fell in love with polish youth, language, food, country, people in general etc. She married professional and they live in Katowice now with two kids. She is British and speaks fluent polish.

Brother of my friend in London married polish girl and he is an english teacher in the school and he loves there, his in-laws spoil him. There are many Europeans but few Americans but I have never heard of Canadians living in Poland. Unless they are retired Canadian Poles. Just filling in, take it or leave it.

I am a graphic designer and my wife has no profession but has many useful skills one of which is command of english. She was offers 30pln/hour in private school. At present I am trying to develop some business there through my old time friend. Lets' see what happens. I see the changes re the immigration or refugees from Syria, and many protests on the street, I hear of poles giving hard time to dark skin citizens. My wife is not white.
30 Jul 2015
Life / Life in Poland - feeling lonely and don't want to socialize much! (anyone feeling same?) [93]

I am a Pole married to a Canadian wife, we are on the more to Poland. My family is great help in adopting to our new life in Poland whenever it will come, I have many friends too I ave not seen in 30 years. My wife says Poles do not smile but when you break the ice they are ready to give you a their heart. Small town mentality can be depressing though I must admit but you will find nice people everywhere. I moved to Canada just like you Luke84. I went through long depression of loneliness and luck of ability to connect to the North American mentality. The secret is however to keep in touch with your roots and make friends. I will give you a hint, Poles are respectful to foreigners, more educated ones then uneducated. Connect to educated crowd who likes and wants to speak english. Did you think of teaching English? You can offer conversational group english session. Its a great experience, fantastic networking boost and good money. My wife is panning to do it once we move here. We opt for Wroclaw or Katowice. Not sure yet. Contact me.
30 Jul 2015
Study / English primary schools for foreigners in Katowice [15]

I have gone to the website Does anyone have their kids enrolled there? I will greatly appreciate your help in sharing your experience.

I am Polish Canadian and my wife is East Indian Canadian, our son is 7 and likes Poland mostly because of his grand parents. He does not speak but understand some Polish.