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James mallone   
19 Nov 2015
News / Letter from the UN to Poland to Promote Abortions and End Traditional Family [37]

Reference " end traditional family"

The polish family courts are already doing this all by themselves - and have been so doing for the last 50 years

The vast vast vast majority of child custody cases go to mummy

The majority of fathers are only allowed to see their kids a couple of weekends a month

In poland.... single mummies are queens and the polish family courts crown them every year

Result. .... thousands of kids who at best see their fathers for a couple of weekends a month

Poland is world class when it comes to destroying families. .. without any help from anyone else ...
James mallone   
16 Nov 2015
Law / Setting up a sole trader business and becoming a resident in Poland - Procedure? [32]

Fair enough play it straight.

Just saying an awful lot of poles don't. .. poles i personally know

Perfectly perfectly legal to setup a uk company and have people pay into it from poland and pay uk corporation tax

If you want to take out some cash and pay uk dived end tax ...nothing wrong there as well

Of course If u want to make things hard for yourself. ..then nothing wrong with that either
James mallone   
14 Nov 2015
Law / Setting up a sole trader business and becoming a resident in Poland - Procedure? [32]

An obvious question....

But why on earth would u choose to set up shop in poland when you could do as thousands of poles do and register a uk company.???

Your an eu citizen (((( for now )))) so what's the hang up about onky registering for self employment etc the polish way ?

I know quite a few poles in lodz who run what r pratically speaking polish companies in all but name but r registered in England.

Way less buerocracy
At least 10000 pound tax allowance
Loads of reasonable expenses
Cheap accountants

As for for then spending the money back in poland ...a friendly kantor or there is a uk bank i use which offers free use of Mastercard in poland with no fees / commission and full wholesale bank zloty pound rates.

As for any polish customers paying you they could simply use something like transfer wise costing them one pound and you nothing.

The polish authoritys don't need to know anything about your business just make sure you pay hmrc once a year
James mallone   
23 Jul 2015
Law / Can I leave Poland with my children without my husbands written permission or not? [17]

Didn't read your post fully.
apologies for lumping you together with polish mothers .
I can't think your task will be an easy one.
Speaking as a foriegn born father using the polish courts - you may well experience the kind of treatment dished out to us daily.

yours will be an interesting case
on the one hand as a mother - you truly are a saint in the eyes of a polish court and why shouldn't the father have absolutely no say at all in his child's life and where she may live.

on the other - as a foriegner, a brit no less! ,for you they may hold no sympathy.

Welcome to poland
James mallone   
23 Jul 2015
Law / Can I leave Poland with my children without my husbands written permission or not? [17]

You mean ....can I take my kids where ever I bloody like without their father having absolutely no say at all

What a charming woman you are

I'm sure we're the boot on the foot ...and we're the father asking for similar rights - that is to say ...we're he to ask the court to take his kids to the end of world without any say from you - you'd be perfectly cool with it ?????

I don't think so

The selfishness of some polish mothers knows no bounds - even to the end of the world their self centred me me me me attituted couldn't be contained

If you want the kids father to have about absolutely no say whatsoever where they grow up - why choose him as a father in the first place ?

Dont his feelings count ? - or are you as the mother so special so fantastic so worthy so very important that the kids father counts for zip ?

I'm afraid poland is still a world away from anything like equal rights for both parents - though a positive encouraging sign of how things maybe - of how fathers could be treated , respected better was apparent yesterday in on

I read that a new law was signed into effect this week by the president which would have the effect (or so it's to be hoped )of drastically reducing the amount of cases where fathers lose parental responsibility - and thus in any say in a where a, me me me focused mummy ,wants to uproot and take the kids with her.

I've gotta say the amount of forums where polish woman are asking similar questions to yours is legion - its truly depressing
James mallone   
23 Jun 2015
Law / Bank Account in Poland without residency or banks in the UK who will allow to have a PLN account [15]

It is strange.
in providing your passport you are providing perfectly acceptable identification
can't see what having a local address has got to do with it.
with my uk passport , should something go wrong I'm instantly ideeed

You'll note that these days the new polish dowod osobisty doesn't contain an address ....why ?because the bearer is still perfectly Id able without one.

Like I said ...very strange