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16 Sep 2015
Real Estate / Cost of room in Warsaw? Where to look for accomodation? [31]

Merged: Where can I find a room with a budget around 250 Euro including bills in Warsaw?

I've been looking for a while and I can't find it. So is there anyone who can help me?
12 Feb 2016
Study / Is the University of Warsaw good? [26]

Merged: How open is Warsaw University to stranger?

I'm currently studying in WUT and thinking about learning subjects beyond my studies(for free, i prefer to sit in class). I saw that UW is offering archeology and I'm interested to know more. I'll just sit at the back and listen. Anyone have any experience of doing this? I did this when I was on vacation in the US. I went to visit MIT and ask the professor if I could sit at the back and listen to him. It was normal there according to the internet.
2 Apr 2016
Life / Is Hale Mirowska in Warsaw a large or small market? [3]

Hi guys, I've hearing alot about hale mirowska market in Warsaw but when I went in, there's nothing but small shop selling accessory and small supermarket there. I saw on trip advisor that it has big market with multiple small seller. did I entered the wrong building? because the building I went in got a big sign saying hale mirowska at the roof.