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18 May 2015
Life / Vandalism on cars in Poland [64]

Merged: Vandalism on cars in Poland

Hi everyone,
on Saturday at exactly 04:56 in the morning 4 guys( actually only 1 of them hit my car) passing in my street broke the mirror of my car and scratched the door ( earlier they hit another car on the other side of the road ) . Since in our building are 2 cameras I have everything recorded and I got it in my flashdrive and went to the police station. Now the question I have for you is: Is everywhere in PL that police actually don't give a **** about vandalism on cars or only in my city ? Even after giving them the flashdrive with the video from both cameras ( one of them showing the FACES ) of those guys the guy at the police station said: Well, you know it happens all the time.Now I don't see any solution to this except getting the baseball bat and finding at least one of them ( I don't think they live far from my place ) but then I risk going to prison.Ideas ?
18 May 2015
Life / Vandalism on cars in Poland [64]

Thanks guys. P.S It's not only about my mirror and the scratches to be honest, it costs about 200 PLN to fix it. What bothers me is that nobody does anything to make this stop or at least to give a lesson to the stupid 20 something years old guys who are doing it. Last year one of the neighbours had his car completely destroyed( windows, all doors,bonet,side mirrors... everything smashed ).Anyway I'll do exactly as Jon said, let's see what the prosecutor says.
19 May 2015
Work / Typical rate for 1-on-1 English lessons in Poland (Krakow)? [37]

A guy who worked in an english speaking country as a waiter ( currently is an intern at the company I work ) is chargind 25 PLN for 60 minutes, so I guess that's why the 60 PLN/hour is not so bad in my opinion.Of course it's not the same as getting lessons from an experienced native speaker but still it is causing the prices to fall.
23 May 2015
Genealogy / Angela Merkel is partially Polish. Her family name could be Kaźmierczak [208]

Slavic people germanized themselves?

Well,it's Crow man. Only he understands what is he talking about. German nation doesn't exist, the poles are his brothers (because serbs haven't massacred anybody here ),russians are an example of tolerance,democracy etc,the rest of the world's population should be exterminated because they don't agree with Russia and Serbia and that's it. Heil Crow :)
30 Sep 2015
Law / Polish certificate exam level B1 and institution / few questions about the Polish language [39]

Merged: Polish language certificate - which institution can issue this?

Hi everyone ,
I want to take the B1 exam (polish) and I'm wondering if there is any other institution where I can take it except: ?

Here it seems there will be no more exams for this year and there is no information about next year.
6 Oct 2015
Life / Why are Polish people such hypocrites about immigration? [36]

I don't really understand how can someone say: polish people do this or do that, Poland likes these people and hates some others.... I think it's a personal matter and can't be said for a nation of 40 million people. Yeah, maybe the majority are against the immigrants from the middle east but everyone has something they call a reason for thinking that way. People march against immigration everywhere : London,Berlin,Paris......what's different about Poland ?
21 Oct 2015
Language / Polish names without a nickname (or less frequently shortened) [61]


Yes, you're right. I didn't think of that one :D.


My wife's name is Angelika and I have NEVER heard anyone calling her Angelika. Andzia and Angela ( Andzela ) are the versions everybody uses.
Rafal. I think doesn't get shorter.
23 Oct 2015
Love / Do Polish girls like to marry a man from Lebanon ??? [39]

What sort of question is this ? It's a bit strange that I'm the 4-th bloke to answer to a thread that is supposed to be answered to by girls. Anyway, IMO your citizenship is irrelevant, love and respect is all the girls ( not only here, all over the world ) need.
8 Feb 2016
Law / Am I eligible to apply for Poland's Dowod Osobisty? I am British. [11]

Am I eligible to apply for a Dowòd Osobisty?

Not yet. You need to get a permanent residence( you can apply for it after 3 years I think ) and 2 years after that you'll be able to apply for a polish citizenship.

After 5 years of being resident in Poland, you can apply for confirmation of your permanent residency

Nope delph,he's married so he can get it much earlier ;) ( 2 or 3 years from what I remember ).
17 Feb 2016
Language / How well do Polish people understand Slovak? [77]

Polish and Slovak

Just don't "search" anything in Slovakia, or at least don't say you're searching/looking for smth in polish while being in Slovakia :D.
14 Mar 2016
Law / Poland's Citizenship application - "Uzasadnienie" - what to write in this section? [12]

Cześć everybody,
I'll go on Friday to the offices of Wojewoda to fill the documents for the polish citizenship. I have everything I need but I have a problem, in the form I downloaded online there is a section which says : Uzasadnienie.

I don't know what to write there :(. Could somebody give me an idea what to write in this section ?
Thank you in advance
21 Jun 2016
Life / Poland after one year of living here [105]

Luke, the first year is the hardest, in my first year I almost left Poland for good ;). At that time I made my first friend here in Poland, he helped me a lot, at first with finding a job ( me and my wife were really struggling at that time ), working with him I met some other people who introduced me to some other and so on. Today, I'm a polish citizen, is my 6-th year here and honestly I am sometimes homesick but with everyday which passes I feel more connected to this country.

And I live in a city not much bigger than Chrzanow ( and not very far from it :D ), but even here I found some fantastic people who helped me settle and feel welcomed. Shame you don't drink alcohol, that would be a massive help in finding new friends. IMO, you should give it some time and don't try very hard because it will backfire on you. As someone said here before, when discussing something there is nothing wrong with being a bit stubborn if you know for sure you are right.

I wish you the best of luck :)

a labrador

If Luke takes a little puppy he's going to have a lot of female friends :D