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7 Jul 2015
Law / I was born in Poland, moved to the US when I was 5 - Dual Citizenship Question [7]

Merged: Citizenship Question

Hello All!
New to the forum! I am a 24 year old male living in New York. I was born in Polska in Grajewo in the Mazury region. While I do believe I still have citizenship, I am not 100% sure. I had a Polish passport, but it expired a bit ago and I've used my American passport whenever traveling to the country, which I do pretty often to visit friends and family. Am I granted the same rights as residence in respect to healthcare. For example, if God forbid I were to get into an accident, would I have any trouble being treated. Or on the other hand, if I were to run into trouble with the law in Poland, would I be treated as a Polish resident or American?

On a side note, if anyone knows the process, and whether it is easy or not to renew a Polish passport, that would help a lot. I have had such a hard time getting in touch with anyone at the Polish Consulate in NYC.

Thanks a lot!
23 Apr 2015
USA, Canada / Would like to move back to Poland from New York after living in USA for 20 years. [155]

Merged: Polish born New Yorker who wants to move back to Poland!!

Hello All!

First post on here, so I apologize ahead of time for anything I may do that is frowned upon.

So I was born in Poland, Grajewo to be exact in the Mazury region. Moved to NY when I was about 5. So its safe to say I grew up in the US. Parents always made me speak Polish which at the time I did not like, but looking back at it now at age 23, was a true blessing. I would go back often to visit family and my stays have gotten longer and longer as I get older. I spent 3 months there this past summer. So my point is, I am 2 classes away from finishing my bachelors in Economics. I also just started a job with J.P. Morgan Chase as a Relationship Banker in Copiague, a strong Polish town on Long Island, NY. I am dying to get back to Poland!!! Everytime I spend time there, I leave in tears. I am so much happier there. Now I think I do still have citizenship since I was born there, and I speak the language very well, esp considering how long Ive lived in the US. Reading and writing are not terrible, but need improvment, but not anything that I cant easily learn. I have a big network of family and friends in Poland, but no one that could directly help me with a Finance/Banking job. Any suggestions?? Can anyone share what someone with a bachelors, very fluent bi-lingual ability, a impressive Resume and superb interpersonal and hard work skill/ethics make in a entry-level/just above entry level Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, or this type of position? Any help is appreciated!!