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18 Apr 2015
Love / Are Polish men chauvinistic? [35]

Johnny reb:
I can't agree more. What you said is so true.
Finding someone with the same value and goal is difficult yet it worth to wait.
Yea I'm sure - I won't. I can't. And don't want to change someone.
And you're right - Maybe I just need to do my homework.
18 Apr 2015
Love / Are Polish men chauvinistic? [35]

Well actually I don't know much about Polish/Poland. I'm fact I don't care about the nationality of my partner. Love is all around. See if you could meet the special one.

I'm asking the question just because I don't understand what my boyfriend is thinking. I try to figure it out in various possibilities. Though looking into the national traits is not appropriate at all but I still need to consider this up to a point....

Now I know what's going on and I should deal with it.

18 Apr 2015
Love / Are Polish men chauvinistic? [35]

Thanks for all the replies.

Veles: Well I don't think I'm talking about excessive fact, I NEVER ask. Speaking for myself, even your bf or gf didn't ask, you will still tell him/her if you care about him/her. You don't need to send a lot of words messages. Just a few words could show that you put your other half in your mind.

Now I know that it's not the problem of national traits or cultural differences. Just he's not that into me. Glad that I know it before I'm so into him. Thanks all. :)
17 Apr 2015
Love / Are Polish men chauvinistic? [35]

Atch, thank for your opinions.

Yes I think so. That's very basic manner right?

I just haven't met any Polish before so I don't know if it's a very common pattern or what....just want to make sure I'm not misunderstanding him....

I think I really couldn't continue the relationship with him....
17 Apr 2015
Love / Are Polish men chauvinistic? [35]

Thanks Veles.

I don't mean to control. In fact I'm not kind of controlling girlfriend.

I just feel strange...I couldn't understand what he's thinking.....

Actually I'm in a long distance with my boyfriend. He said he want to try to work out the relationship with me. We promised each other to try on the relationship.

When we were together, everything was fine. However, from the day he left my hometown, he doesn't message me or called me. (But he did replied my messages)

EVEN it was time for him to boarding & he arrived his hometown safely, he just doesn't message me to tell me... !

I think maybe he doesn't like to report or what & I said I'm not controlling type so I DIDN'T send any messages to him.

But....That's...really strange right?????
17 Apr 2015
Love / Are Polish men chauvinistic? [35]

Hi everybody. :)
I'm in love with a Polish guy.
just want to ask:
Are Polish guys male chauvinism?
For example: Do they like to report where they are to their girlfriends?
What's the "general pattern" of a Polish guy treat his girlfriend?