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22 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Warning to British people visiting Poland!! Don't get drunk and smash the place up! [447]


I can understand that there are some British people who go to poland for a stag night and get drunk etc etc. This isa massive generalisation and stereotype and to express it on this forum was totally your choice and your entitled to your opinion. However i think you are way of the mark and for your information its probably only a small percentage of British visitors to your country.

I have a lot of things that i think the Polish could improve on when visiting, living and working in my country but i don't make sweeping statements as there are only pockets of individuals that do the things that annoy me.

I'm not asking for an apology because i wouldn't expect one as it seems clear to me that your antaganising the polish population by warning us British away from Poland. NOT ALL people who go on holiday are going to behave themselves this includes Polish, British or any nation you care to mention.

As for the POLISH NOT DRINKING, that is absolute rubbish, I have been with polish people when they are drinking, i've had to help bouncers remove polish people and even had to carry a polish girl out of the club because she was so inebriated from the alcohol consumption. I don't mind its just what happens when people drink sometimes but please don't slander the British for something people of your country do just as well!!!

I'm not trying to brand the Polish in anyway what so ever but i am trying to point out the dangers of having such a narrow minded point of view
19 Jul 2007
News / What is wrong with Poland that Poles emigrate? [167]

i don't need to read any of the posts, to put it simply there is nothing wrong with Poland as a whole, every nation has their problems and Poland is no difference, but to come and ask what is wrong with an individual country i find bemusing.