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25 Nov 2014
Life / Should I expect racism as a 'black' woman in Poland [149]

I've recommended Lublin cause its more polish and that is what the girl was looking for.
Lodz is a typical big city, close to Warsaw and she won't get there necesairly taste of polish roots.
25 Nov 2014
Real Estate / Contemplating moving to Poland with the intention of buying a property out-right and living there [36]

I think you are wrong guys with the tax issue.

There are many polish ppl who live next to the german border and work in Germany, or many germans who live on the austrian border and work in Austria.

As we all now belong to UE - and there is a law to abolish bi-taxation you pay tax in the country where your employee is (Amazon pay tax in Lux although ppl in whole Europe work for them from different countries).

You may posses 5 houses in 5 countries, travel from one to another, so the most import is where is your company situated (you make work in Thainland from ur pc for a british company, and so you pay taxes in UK and not in Thailand).

I dont know if there are any additional restriction on buying home in PL for foreigners, but if you have money it should be easy.

You can aways sell it or rent it... but if I were in your shoes - I'd feel better if I have tried living in a city before byuing a flat there.

Remember there are not only good things about Poland (Dres, low wages, some narrow minded group of ppl, and as poland was for a long time closed - xenofobistic ppl). There are really many bad things to say about our politics, social system, and much more...

However I am always really happy to meet all the different newcommers in Poland, I love british accent and would prefer to date you than a polish guy haha

Aha, remember that Brits are polite - Poles are not! (PolishBus queues, etc).

Bureaucracy in Poland - I wouldn't trust them. Sometimes thay say sth else and do sth else (although I am experiencing the same in Germany...).

@Monitor - don't encourage him to live close to the German border. Maybe it is cheap there but it cause nb wants to live there!

I know eastern Germany pretty good and it is so sad in there... People have no work, all look the same (coloured hair, piercings, tatoos, unemployed), just terrible!