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24 Nov 2014
Work / Shifting to Poland - 6000PLN after tax good enough for Krakow? [12]

Is that salary enough to spend a decent life in Krakow with little saving..?

Yes! You should be able to rent a small 1 bedroom for between 1300 - 1600 zloty close to the center. I used to pay 2000 zloty for a slightly larger one bedroom but it was also only a 2 minute walk from the Rynek. Plus extra costs you may be looking at 2000 altogether.

That leaves you with 4k left which is plenty even for Krakow.

I'll be moving to Krakow early next year. I would like to know if 20,000PLN gross salary is good enough for a decent living in Krakow?

I am not sure if this is a serious question or not........!?
24 Nov 2014
Travel / Regular UK visitor to Krakow - How to meet people and make friends? [56]

Zach, the "Irish Mbassy" or "Bull Pub" are pretty good places to meet some people rather quickly. Particularly Irish Mbassy will not leave you sitting by yourself for too long. Depending on what you fancy, Mbassy normally has some kind of entertainment. Either pub quiz, live music or sports events (Premier League, Rugby etc.) on television.

Mbassy's Sunday roast was something i found to be very delicious when i stayed in Krakow and even throughout the week, their food is quite good. From there, you can easily move on to other places around the Rynek and Kazimierz is not too far either (even by foot).
24 Nov 2014
Love / Are women from Poland scared of good looking guys? [48]

What a great conversation this is. Makes me wonder how low the self-esteem of some people must be, if they feel the need to have deluded rants about "how many broads they smashed" ,in a forum.

Ever heard about "A Gentlemen does not kiss and tell"?
21 Nov 2014
Law / Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations. [297]

Unless someone can confirm it is fair to assume that Polish currency regulations requires one to have a PESEL number to withdraw foreign currency physically in a bank. your original post you forgot to mention that when you said "withdrawing cash over the counter without PESEL seems impossible", you meant US Dollars, not Polish Zloty. You were talking about cash which, given that we are talking about Polish banks in Poland, I assumed you meant zloty.

I have absolutely no idea how it works regarding any foreign currency, but withdrawing Polish zloty from the cash counter most certainly does not require a PESEL.

Need to be a bit more precise next time to avoid confusion :) :)[/quote]
20 Nov 2014
Law / Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations. [297]

Regarding the "withdraw money from the cash counter", I would be very surprised if that requires a PESEL number.
If you are able to open an account without PESEL, have your salary paid into the account, use the Debit card to pay for goods in stores and withdraw money from ATMs, there is absolutely no reason why you would need a PESEL number t owithdraw cash from that account via the cash counter. After all, to pay money into the account via cash counter, they wouldn't ask for a PESEL either.

It is not part of the Polish banking regulations to require a PESEL number to open a current account with a debit card. If you want to add a credit card however after let's say three month, you would need your PESEL.

I found it very easy to open accounts in Poland. Three years ago I opened one with Nordea with just my passport (EU citizen). In February I changed banks and opened one with Getin Bank with passport and employment contract.

I then realized that i actually need a credit card (for car rental purposes) so I applied for one at Bank Millenium. I chose Bank Millenium because their website is in English and the application process (online application, phone verification etc.) can be done in English too. All i needed was my PESEL, employment contract and three months bank statement from my (at the time) current bank.

Overall, opening a bank account in Poland as a EU citizen is a piece of cake. The only issue you may sometimes face is some older bank clerk who has missed the fact that banking in Poland has become a competitive business and is making it as difficult as they possibly can. If you face that issue, walk straight out and into the next bank across the road.

By the way, Bank Millenium offers free banking and free withdrawels in Poland and abroad as long as you pay at least 1000 zloty into your account every month. Their staff speaks English, their online banking is in English and their online banking has won several awards.
17 Nov 2014
Travel / Best way to get from Lodz to Warsaw? [48]

@ Sara1984, train ticket to Lodz is 32 zloty which equates to roughly 8 Euro. Taxi from Lodz Kaliska to any of the hotels in the city center (Hotels on Pilsudskiego) is about an additional 12 - 15 zloty so all in all a trip from Warszawa Centralna to the Hotel in Lodz would costs approx. 44 - 47 zloty, not even 12 Euro . It takes maximum 3 hours (delays due to construction on railtracks and in the city of Lodz already taking into consideration).
6 Nov 2014
Life / any online newspaper for Lodz? [6]


the Lodz Post is relatively new (ca 1 month old) but it is constantly improving. It is a mix of Lodz news, Polish news, Lifestyle, Travel and Sports. At the moment there are about 2 -3 new articles a day, but it will change to an up to date newspaper / online magazine.

lodz post