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29 Sep 2014
UK, Ireland / London Strip Clubs? What's it like for women working there? [74]

I suppose there are some British men who just prefer foreign women. Usually rejected by a lot of women in their own country, and when many from other countries go after them them for their money they love it. As men are thick when it comes to women, they think it's because they're adorable. Why come on a Polish forum advertising you're an English man, if not to try and pick up Polish women?

This thread is about what it's like for women working in London strip clubs. Please stick to the topic of the thread.
26 Sep 2014
UK, Ireland / London Strip Clubs? What's it like for women working there? [74]

Seems to be a lot of nasty comments about British women from Polish women going on about how they're better. That must mean Polish women are ******.

bit chy was the blocked word.

Can't have much personality if they need to go on about how they're so much better than others. Maybe British people don't think looks are the most important thing and aren't so superficial?

Plus believing something because some weirdo on the internet said is sad. I bet most of the men were really Polish women lol.
26 Sep 2014
UK, Ireland / Curious about differences Polish people see with the British? [95]

I'm writing out of curiosity more than anything, because with so many Polish people in Britain, I often have connections with them without getting to know them well, and I often wonder if they think it's a lot different here than they're used to, or when they deal with me, if how I act is a lot different than the Polish people they're used to. Are British people a lot different?

Even if it's something amusing or something they don't like. I won't be offended. Also if they think the whole society is a lot different I would be interested to know. I suppose I specifically mean out of London England, but even London would be interesting. Just that I think Londoners act a lot different than where I live in the south of England.

Thank you