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8 Aug 2014
Language / Advice needed for learning Polish Language [41]

Merged: How to learn polish? (I'm a young teen)

Hello! I'm 14 years old living in Tokyo, Japan. I love Polish literature and I watch a lot of polish movies with subs. I can speak English, (My family is from America) Japanese, and a bit of spanish. I'm half Japanese. I just joined the forum and I've heard so many stories of Polish being really difficult and I wanted some advice on how to learn Polish. Being younger I don't know if I'll pick it up easier but I would really love to learn Polish and any advice please post it! I have been watching YouTube videos to pick up the pronunciation. It's very hard and to a English native it looks almost like someone mashed random buttons on the keyboard. I would love help from any native speaker ^^ or experiences from learners. Thank you.