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8 Nov 2014
Work / Cancel polish Work permit? I got offer from Germany. [6]

Hi Friends,

I am from India.

I have two job offers from different countries(Poland and Germany) .I already got my polish work permit ,but i didn't apply for visa yet .

Now i am planning to move Germany , i have the contract and invitation from German company.

My question is,
Is there any difficulty to get German visa if i already have work permit from Poland? Should i cancel the work permit before i apply for German visa? or it will expire automatically if i am not joining polish company?

12 Jul 2014
Law / How long does it take for getting the "promise of work" from Polish Government? [6]

Hello Friends,

I have finished my interviews with a company in Poland and they have sent my passport and certificates copies to Polish government for getting approval.

How long it takes for getting the "promise of work" from Polish Government ?
Is there any difficulty for company to get this approval from Polish Government?Because i am nearly waiting for one month :(