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6 Jun 2014
Travel / Will I have any 'Issues' visiting Poland (Bialystok, Lublin, Biala Podlaska & Warsaw)? [9]

Thanks for the reply, Roger

I had heard that Bialystok is probably a place for me to avoid, but I am quite stubborn and I really want to see where my biological mother and her family come from. So, I still plan on visiting, albeit taking a few more precautions.

I am planning on coming in September, it works as my University course doesn't start until October and flights etc. are cheaper in September than August or July.

Thanks for the help,
6 Jun 2014
Travel / Will I have any 'Issues' visiting Poland (Bialystok, Lublin, Biala Podlaska & Warsaw)? [9]

Hey, this is my first post on this forum, firstly I will give you some background, In short...

I am 18 years old, from the UK, and grew up in an area of London with strong Polish connections (Polish fighter Pilots settled here after WW2 as they were based at an army base near my home). Streets are littered with Polish Delicatessens and many of the students I went to school with were Polish (or Lithuanian). I was adopted at birth and I've known for a long time, as my parents are white and I am Mixed Race (1/2 White, 1/4 African 1/4 Hawaiian). I recently found out that my biological mother was Polish and it has got me interested more so in Polish culture and I am planning on visiting Eastern Poland, the area I am told my biological mother came from. However, I have concerns that my skin colour could cause me a few problems in the more 'rural' areas I may be visiting. When I told my friend who is Polish, she was not too sure about my plans. She recommended I stick to Warsaw and even suggested I try Wroclaw or Krakow for a more 'Polish' feel to my visit. If you live in Poland, preferably a more 'rural' area of Poland, could you educate me as to whether my worries are legitimate or Ignorant?

Furthermore, my friend also warned me that my sexuality may best be kept a secret should I decide to visit Poland's rural regions. I am not effeminate or noticeably gay, so I have no worries that anybody could have my sexuality sussed without me telling them. It's just that, I hope to visit Poland on a more regular basis and possibly trace my biological mother (or other family members) with the help of my parents. Should I be aware that, given her background growing up in a rural area of Eastern Poland, she and my family may shun my sexuality should I eventually have the fortune to spend a significant amount of time getting to know them? My mum has suggested to me before that my biological mother gave me up for adoption under duress, that her family didn't approve of her age (17 at the time) and the fact my father was a.) Not Polish and b.) Not White... Is it likely that was the case? Remembering this was 1995.

I would just like to reiterate, my question is about the possibility of my race/sexuality effecting my ability to visit Poland and immerse myself in Polish culture!

Thanks for taking the time to reply, and sorry if my post causes any offence, I can't deny the fact I am Ignorant on this subject.