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29 Jan 2014
Genealogy / Was my moms family (Kowalsky) Russian or Polish? [35]

Both sides of my moms family were from around the Minsk area of Poland in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and lived then immigrated from what's was then Imperial Russia around the early 1900's. Sur Names from my moms side of the family are Kowalsky(Americanized to Cowel) Friedman, Manischewitz. My mom and her sister converted to Roman Catholicism, and my ancestor is either Russian or Polish and I can't really tell
30 Jan 2014
Genealogy / Was my moms family (Kowalsky) Russian or Polish? [35]

Merged: Am I of Polish or Russian ancestry?

Poland is a unique country, as it has re-emerged several times from Russian control. If someone has ancestry that was in the area of modern day Poland, prior to the the partitions would that make them Polish or Russian since that was what on the immigration papers when they came to a new country

If my family emigrated from russia from what was poland prior to the third partition would that make me polish or russian
30 Jan 2014
Genealogy / Was my moms family (Kowalsky) Russian or Polish? [35]

They were Azkenazi Jews....which is dying out in my family because Half of my grandmothers kids are catholic (2) and 2 are Jewish and one of them married a Christian and my cousins are christian....Briscuit has been passed down the family line
31 Jan 2014
Genealogy / Was my moms family (Kowalsky) Russian or Polish? [35]

It was Americanized to mom and aunt converted to Roman Catholiscm (they were raised Jews) my other aunt is jewish and has jewish kids, and my uncles kids are catholic

Merged: My background on my moms side

I'm confused to as what ethnically I might be....My moms maiden name is Cowel but it was changed from Kowalsky somewhere ..Her fathers side moved from what was Russia (Poland did not exist on the map) to England for a 10 year pit stop and then moved to New York in 1917 the name was Kowalsky after the pit stop in England but then it was changed to moms mothers side is from Minsk, Riga, and an area where people were called Litvoks...Basically what I'm asking I Russian or Polish?
10 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Do I look Polish? (my picture) [375]

Merged: What do I look like?

My family left russia pre civil war early 1900s they were Minsk at the time Poland, Riga before latvia and the Galician area on my moms mother side and my moms father side I don't know much where they were from specifically other than there last name was Kowalsky, and they were from Russia because there was no country Poland back then, I'm half Slavic(not sure whether I'm considered Polish or Russian) and a quarter Jamaican and English. What do I look like?

21 May 2014
Genealogy / Relatives' Pictures: Do They Look Polish? [44]

Merged: What do my grandparents/great grandparents look like

Do they look Polish or Russian, or Ukranian/Belorussian....sorry for the picture of my grandma and the middle finger