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9 Nov 2013
UK, Ireland / The Changing Attitude Towards the Poles in Ireland [21]

Hi - Peadar de Burca here, I'm an Irishman working for Gazeta Wyborcza. I'm doing an upcoming article on the changing attitude towards the Poles in Ireland and would love some feedback. Is there a changing attitude? I would say that there is. Leaving aside the headlines generated by the Mayo Judge with her 'Polish Charity' remark, there seems to be an 'us and them' attitude emerging. I was back home in Galway during the summer and picked up on the grumblings from natives - Irish friends of mine (married with kids) who live beside a Polish couple were complaining how their neighbors never accept any house party invitations. One one occasion, the Polish couple complained about a party. A few days later I was down at Silver Stand beach and spoke to a man who was 'annoyed' by the sizable Polish contingent who 'were monopolizing' the beach. They weren't monopolizing anything to be honest, but among their ranks were a large amount of shaven-headed muscle men and bronzed ladies. Whereas before there was all this, 'oh they're such great workers' condescension, it seems that some Irish people are finding it hard to adjust to the habits of the Poles who have chosen to stay.