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9 Feb 2014
Law / Starting a business in Poland ( English language services ) [11]

I want to start my own English language services (teaching, skype lessons etc), editing/proofreading/copyediting, general English-y things in Krakow or Warsaw.

I'm currently contracted to Berlitz in Krakow and in the process of getting my work permit with them, but as you must have heard - the pay is **** and I'm looking for greener pastures.

It seems a better deal to start up my own independent contracting business so I can tutor on the side and do editing as well (editing is my one true passion haha) as I'm under the impression that leaving Berlitz would nullify both my Work and Residence permits when they're all sorted.

I've come across various forums on here and I just want to confirm the steps.

- Tax office for the NIP 7 form doings
- Bank account
- Register my address
- Get an accountant for ZUS nonsense
- Urzad Miasta for CEIDG-1 forms
- Take my REGON, PESEL, Passport, NIP to the ZUS office
- Tax office again to upgrade my NIP to a business one

The business would be just me, independent contracting basically anything English that comes my way.

What say you?
Yes it is a good plan, no it is not, I'm an idiot, the usual.
11 Dec 2013
Law / Do I need a work visa before moving to Poland? [29]

Well, I have no teaching experience, no diploma, no other work skills, and my girlfriend is Polish and I'm of a mind to be with her. I doubt anyone else would hire me. I'm going over with a friend, we're both going to work for Berlitz, with our combined income I figure we can **** out a tiny existence and be alright. I'm not looking for diamonds and flashy things, I just want a tiny job and a tiny apartment and my girlfriend.

And I'll make net 1807zl a month for the first three, then I get a raise. Its not much but if my budgeting is on, I'll survive.

I'm not after a luxurious lifestyle. Just enough to get me by.
11 Dec 2013
Law / Do I need a work visa before moving to Poland? [29]

Hello all! I'm planning to come to Poland (Krakow specifically) in January to teach English. I have a company sponsoring me and we've put in the application for the work permit.

They told me, since we're doing some secondary training about a month before I actually get the permit I don't need a work visa right away and that I can just go to the American Embassy and apply when I have the permit and I should be okay to stay in the country for a month without any sort of paperwork.

Is that legitimate? I'm nervous about booking a one-way ticket to Poland and getting kicked out or something. I won't be actually working until I have the permit, I'm just a little nervous about the whole "you can apply at the American Embassy" bit.

Anyone have any encouraging tidbits for me?
3 Oct 2013
Law / Opening an English bookstore in Poland - what are the prospects and profitability? [17]

I'm moving to Poland in the next few months to teach English with Berlitz (yeah I know but its a foot in the door) and once things stabilise and whatnot financially I'm interested in opening and English bookstore. What say you on the prospects and profitability of such a venture, oh peoples of Polishforums?