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21 Sep 2013
Law / Documents for work permit in Poland...."promise of work"..... apostilled? [11]

Hi, I am a new member to this forum, and I will keep my details to the point. I am an Indian in the US working as a software lead developer. Recently I got a offer in a company in Poland who would take care of my relocation and work permit etc. I did some R&D on the process and figured out that they first need to file a "promise of work", which needs to be approved. I would then take that to the Polish embassy and get the work visa. Once I get that, I would be able to go into Poland and then I need to get the work permit. The company is still figuring out the details, but I wanted to get an idea if this is how it works.

Also, I would need to know, if I need to get the documents apostilled (I know they need it for countries like Belgium/Netherlands). I searched for this extensively on the net but couldn't find a clear answer if this is a necessity for Poland. Would someone please clarify. Since I am in the US, being an Indian this could be a roadblock for me at the moment. So I would be grateful if someone could clarify.

Also, the general process as a whole, as I described in the 1st paragraph (getting the promise of work, followed by work visa, followed by work permit), is that the right procedure. Any suggestions/advice are highly appreciated
8 Jun 2014
Law / Documents for work permit in Poland...."promise of work"..... apostilled? [11]

Thanks for the reply. Although its weird that at least someone cared to respond after 9 months!! Thanks to looker for that. Anyway, you were right. I am in Poland right now and it did work out for me. The only downside with the Polish Embassy in US was that they only process visa for US citizen/GC holders/students. Hence I had to fly back to India to the Polish Embassy in New Delhi and get my visa from there. Its kind of weird but thats how they operate.

However they were very cooperative and approved my visa immediately after a 10 mins interview and I was able to pick up my passport the same day after 2 hours. Prior to this, the company had done all the paper work for the work permit and I had that when I went for the visa. I am in Poland now for 5 months and its a new experience. I also got my karta pobytu in less than 2 months of applying after I got here. Its valid for the same period as your work permit and can be renewed if the work permit is renewed.

On the above topic, I didnt need to apostille any documents. Copies were enough.
23 Jul 2014
Law / Documents for work permit in Poland...."promise of work"..... apostilled? [11]

My employer got the work permit within 3 weeks of applying. It was pretty easy for them, and then they sent it to me, which I used along with my passport and other docs to get the national visa. At that time they would give it for max 2 years, but now rules have changed and you should get it for 3 years.