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19 Sep 2013
News / Poland to appeal to ECJ - Ex-USSR republics might be late [4]

You know never too much for a good thing. I can give good counsel to some people I much sympathize. I am lucky to be an assistant of rather influent politician. Not long ago he met several members of the European Parliament for Poland. There were TadeuszCymanski, and Tomasz Poreba, and Adam Bielan and some other decent people. They met in my employer's waiting room and talked flatly. So I understood that it is no secret and it won't be any harm if I tell about it.

The point is that Poland is going to appeal to ECJ and to the government of Lithuania with request of returning Wilnorejonowa to Poland. The task of highly respectful members of the European Parliament for Poland is to win support of other deputies.

I think that our Lithuanian brothers are sensible people. They well understand that we have to review all those illicit alienations of row of lands by Soviet Union after the WWII. Why wouldn't they show the way of civilized good will. That would be a great preference for them. Especially when they would demand THEIR annexed territories next time.