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31 May 2014
Work / Finding English teaching jobs in Poland [19]

I am an English teacher who has been looking for work for Poland for several months now, mostly in Warsaw. I'm a native speaker, with qualifications and experience, I already live in Poland and speak Polish to a conversational level, and have been looking very hard, so I feel like my chances of finding something should be good, but I have barely even got a reply. Someone suggested that many schools collect CVs over a long period of time and only reply to applicants much later in the year - is this true? And, if not, at what point should I give up and look elsewhere? This is the first year that I have done this so I'm not really sure what to expect, it would be really useful if someone could tell me what's normal and when I should start worrying!

Thanks :)
4 Apr 2014
Work / English teacher - Language schools in Warsaw - any advice? British school. [11]

I am an English teacher currently living and working in Katowice, but hoping to move to Warsaw in September. I currently work for International House but they do not have a branch in Warsaw any more, so I would like some advice about which schools are the best and which should be avoided. I have CELTA and experience with all ages and levels. If anyone could give me some tips, it would be very much appreciated! Thanks :)