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13 Aug 2013
Travel / Parking in Poznań without a valid ticket? [7]

Hi everyone,

I have a car with Austrian driving plate and I am going to spend a couple of weeks in Poznań. Do you know what happens if I park on the streets without a valid ticket? Will I simply get a fine or I can expect a wheel clamp (blockade on wheels)? If only a fine, is there any way to track foreign cars and send the bill to Austria?

13 Aug 2013
Travel / Parking in Poznań without a valid ticket? [7]

Although with that said you do need to remember that some Polish prosecutors are more than happy to have European Arrest Warrants issued for very minor crimes

I pretty much doubt that a parking fine is consider a criminal offence in Poland therefore issuing an EAW is very unlikely. Also, I do not plan to park in prohibited space or way.

Your best bet is just to find a car park in the centre and pay for a weekly/monthly ticket. There are a lot of car parks in/around the centre, and they aren't expensive. The most expensive one I know is about 90-95 euro for a month.

That sounds great! I might consider this option. Do you know if it's possible to get free parking in Poznań for locals? If so, do I need to have zameldowanie for Poznań? Coz I'm registered in the other part of Polska.

I forgot to add to the initial post that I'm not a bloody foreigner who would like to take advantage of his alien status :) I don't mind paying for any service what I use, but in my opinion paying for public parking is a legalised pillage by the state / local authorities since I do not get anything in return for my money.
13 Aug 2013
Travel / Parking in Poznań without a valid ticket? [7]

First rule of Poland : assume nothing about what is and what isn't seen as criminal.

Yeah, I know, but I always forget about this. :-\

The best bet is really just to pay up for the guarded parking in the centre - if you tell me where you'd like to park roughly, I'll tell you where you can park.

I'd like to park in Jezyce, in ulica Polna. Btw, is Jezyce still a dodgy area or it's a bit outdated opinion?

It's unlikely that they'll chase you to Austria at the moment (there's no data sharing between Poland and Austria)

Is there a webpage where I can check this? I've heard something about an €80 limit but it might be only for speeding tickets.