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17 Jul 2013
Travel / Worth visiting Warsaw? [20]

I am going to be in Europe mid-august. I have already made all my travel plans, but I have 3 open days. I am really considering visiting Poland for multiple reasons and need to make a decision within the next few days.

I have a few questions. First one being, since this is a last minute detour I don't have as much money to spend. It is over 50% cheaper for me to fly into Warsaw than it is for me to fly into Krakow. I have noticed from *very light* research that people seem to like Krakow much more and say it is a bit more touristy. Would it still be worth visiting Poland if I am restricted to just Warsaw? Also, how easy is it for a tourist to get around who doesn't speak a lick of Polish? I honestly know nothing about the country, but am willing to learn and looking forward to getting there. Thanks in advance for any of those who answer, it is greatly appreciated.