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12 Jul 2013
Study / I want to move Poland from Chicago area and study.. Job prospects, cost of food, healthcare, other expenses [24]

Hello! I'm sorry I would send this as a personal message however I just registered and this is my first post so I can't send anything yet :) Also this is the first forum I've ever joined so please excuse me if I don't exhibit the proper etiquette ;D

I live outside of Chicago and will be moving to Poland to study in the fall! I will be in Lublin. I would like to be able have a chance to chat with you more about your plans!

Also, I wouldn't worry about the British English. I lived abroad for 6 months and most of my English speaking friends were from the UK. It was challenging for the first few weeks but you quickly adapt! It can be a lot of fun! Especially when they say something that sounds so outrageously wrong...haha :)