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25 Oct 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

i am a sinful pig eater that deserves to die unless i convert to Islam (or revert, like they say).

Not accurate, if you're christian you are considered from "al dallin" which means the "lost" , in a sense that you have been misled into believing that jesus is the son of god, so if you live under the rule of islam you have 3 choices, 1- you pay "al jzya" which is the special tax for christians because they don't have to fight in the muslim army and muslims are "protecting them" 2-you convert into islam 3-you should get out or you would be killed .
24 Oct 2015
Love / Do Polish girls like to marry a man from Lebanon ??? [41]

if he's lebanese there is a high chance that he's christian .

Now, I don't think nationality really matters, what matters is you, in terms of looks, personality, and profession.
13 Oct 2015
News / Duda invited to march in Poland's Independence Day parade [182]

Most of us have never seen "true patriots" doing a single thing to help society - indeed, many of them don't work, don't volunteer and do nothing except drink beer and swear.

And pick up a fight with random people , or they fight each other if they're bored , maybe they should join the army since they're that patriotic. At least they'll have a purpose
29 Sep 2015
Life / Expats` opinion on alien immigration to Poland - for or against? [87]

Gave you ever seen a Muslim hospital?

what do u mean by muslim hospital ? or even christian hospitals

Have you heard a Muslim orchestra?

again ... what's a muslim/christian orchestra ? do you mean the members are muslims or christians ? or do you mean the theme of the orchestra is muslim ?

Syrian,lebanese,egyptian... etc national orchestras have a majority of muslims musicians

and as for muslim themed music/bands/orchestra , check "sufism songs//music"

Have you witnessed a Muslim charity?

I have witnessed and i have seen many ads

Have you seen Muslims, shake hands with a Muslim Girl Scout?

that depends ,some muslims have no problem with handshaking while others might

In fact, devout Muslims demand that women are subservient to men in the Islamic culture.

again , true to some extent , depends on the muslim

hat often they are beaten for not wearing the 'hajib' or for talking to a man who is not a direct family member or their husband.

first it's hijab , they might be frowned upon but not beaten (in syria) , and lol for being beaten for talking to another man , i would invite you to syria to see yourself , but we kind of have a war going on
27 Sep 2015
Life / Supermoon time and location in Poland [14]

A blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year: either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month of the common calendar.
27 Sep 2015
Life / Supermoon time and location in Poland [14]

I want to know at what time it will be possible to observe the supermoon from poland , and i've heard there will be also a blue moon ? if anyone has details ,i would appreciate it..
20 Oct 2014
Life / Health system in Poland - NFZ costs EU? [18]

Merged: NFZ cost for foreign students in Poland

can anyone tell me what is the NFZ health insurance cost for a foreigner studying in a polish university ?
28 Jun 2014
Law / Passport filling application (issuing country - Poland or Syria?) [4]

I have a polish passport , but I obtained it in the polish embassy in Damascus, Syria , now i am filling a form for a plane ticket and it says "issuing country" for the passport document , so would I say Poland or Syria ?
24 Dec 2013
Travel / Places open in Poland on national holidays [23]

A bit like where I am now during Eid.

oh well ,even during the Eid (any muslim holiday) you have all the restaurants (and other places ) opened ... oh well ,good thing i had some crackers ...
24 Dec 2013
Travel / Places open in Poland on national holidays [23]

yh, buy yourself a mars bar and a packet of crisps

I would ... IF I COULD , I didn't even find a vending machine ,well there is one ,but it only serves drinks ...
24 Dec 2013
Travel / Places open in Poland on national holidays [23]

Merged: Any place that has food (restaurants ,supermarkets , groceries ) and open at christmas eve?

I'm in Wroclaw and I didn't know that literally everything will be closed ,i'm dying of hunger here XD I only have bread and chips left !!

title : *open on christmas eve

oh and I have some cornflakes and milk :P
15 Dec 2013
Law / buying a new mobile phone on allegro (is it safe ? ) [6]

well when i reach the last level of payment .. the price stays the same .. no additional payments on tax payments ...

I know what you're talking about ,because i noticed that on polish ebay .. an item seems cheap and shipment price is ok ,but when you want to purchase it ... you'll be surprised that there's an import tax or something (especially if the item is from the US )
15 Dec 2013
Law / buying a new mobile phone on allegro (is it safe ? ) [6]

I want to buy this mobile phone :
:broken link

but because i'm not that good in polish ,i want to know if it's safe to buy it from here or not ... and if the offer seems legit .
8 Oct 2013
Study / My experience in Poland (Poznan) as a student who recently moved from Syria [117]

my parents are back in syria yes .

About the situation ,syrians have so many facebook pages and groups about the news ,I liked around 20-40 news page and I joined a group that works in checking sources and giving important news ,so basically, my news feed on facebook is literally news feed about syria (it has been like this in the last 2.5 years ) ,and It gives news faster than normal media .

It doesn't look so much different ,because when I was in syria it was nearly the same thing ,checking news on facebook ,but in my home ,I can only hear bombardment and sometimes mig planes (and sometimes a suicide explosion that is far away )

from my university in syria (which is on a cliff of mountain qasioun ) so I can see all damascus ,I witnessed mig planes bombing the outskirts of damascus ,A suicide bomb attack that was really strong ,and everyday bombardment of the outskirts of damascus .

so the only difference is that I can't hear bombardments in poznan :P but I can still hear the sound of the plans (civil planes ) and remember our glorious mig fighters :P
27 Sep 2013
Study / My experience in Poland (Poznan) as a student who recently moved from Syria [117]

Why is it annoying?

because they give me 1 gorszy back :P which means more coins in my wallet

Actually SYP was fairly stable until mid May.What happened is Syria then?PLN gained over 100% to SYP since.

sometimes ,the crash of the SYP is related to a major event happening (a major battle ,a political decision "like the american strike ) .

It's amazing how the syrian pound hasn't collapsed yet ,I'm gonna explain briefly what made the syrian pound loses its value that much .

1- the economic embargo that the US and EU imposed on syria ,which means less foreign money in our central bank (that comes from exports of syrian goods )

2-of course ,the unstable condition due to the war ,lots of areas have fallen into the hands of the rebel and some main roads (between cities ) which affected greatly internal trades .

3- some people started a business from buying and selling foreign monetary ,those people did the most damage to the syrian pound .