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30 Nov 2015
Life / Welcome to Poland ! (Stay away for your own sake) [239]

I would say that things weren't that bad in Poland until the refugees crisis, that made people edgier, me and my friends got approached several times, but it usually ends in a discussion and not in fighting.. still some people have been attacked in Poznan, even one argentinian guy was punched in the face for no reason.

i lived in Lodz

Well, My brother lives in £ódź, and I have been there too, the stories i've heard from him are endless, the most violent one was when 3 skinheads entered a bar that is owned by an iraqi and they destroyed everything and started attacking random people.

My brother was also attacked for no reason on several occasions.

As for the clubs, I don't know how it works in Wroclaw, but in Poznan nearly no one gets rejected, unless you're wearing shorts, then some clubs might reject you.
9 Nov 2015
News / UAE's Emaar to Invest in Poland [26]

Low Skilled Jobs (Construction): To Pakistanis and Bengalis

I don't think that will be the case in Poland, they will probably use Poles .

After today's announcement

brief me.
3 Nov 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

Dany Moussaly

you spelled my name wrong :/



Hundreds of thousands

millions and billions

but they rape and kill

they also cut heads , worship satan , make the sky fall on our heads, and .. eat fries without ketchup

Last month I attended my annual training session that's required for maintaining my state prison security clearance.

I remember the post was longer with the details , what happened ? Anyway I admire the way you're exposing them, Islam should progress or they will keep being criticized, the paradox is that Islam can never get rid of the barbaric passages of the quran, since that would be denying the words of "god" according to them.. so the civilized muslims simply ignore the barbaric passages and cherry pick the good passages (and radical muslims might consider cherry picking muslims as infidels...)
2 Nov 2015
Life / Are there any Muslim areas in Poland? [173]

Biedronka is a shop, not a bar.

Well they do sell alcohol, because in Syria there's a similar rule and it applies to all stores or restaurants that sell alcohol.
2 Nov 2015
Life / Are there any Muslim areas in Poland? [173]

Worth mentioning that alcohol sales are banned close to churches in PL.

how close !? there's a biedronka that is only 50 meters away from the church near my house
2 Nov 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

could consider it as a non-islamist, non-islamic motivated attack.

that's my point

But it was commited by Hamas, which HAVE a Islamist agenda (Have you ever realized why West Bank, under Fatah Authority, still have christians, while all the christians needed to flee Gaza, under Hamas authority?).

I know ..

By the way, guess who is the main contributor of Hamas? YES, QATAR and SAUDI ARABIA.

Syria hosted Hamas's leader for a period of time also, because Syria's foreign policy is an anti-zionist one, but when the revolution broke and it started getting more religious, Hamas's leader decided to back stab the syrian government and supported the islamist rebels (the same rebels that are being funded from Qatar and saudi arabia).. so he got kicked out of Syria..

Yes, there is.

No one can prove or disapprove this statement

Anyway we're getting off-topic , there is no real threat to Poland "yet".. and ISIS didn't attack europe directly "yet" .

No one can prove or disapprove this statement

2 Nov 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

Written by your god 632 years after Christ appeared on earth with the inspired word of the Bible by God His Father you mean.

sorry to break the news for you, but there is no god, at least not like the one described in the abrahamic religions

It was still a terrorist attack by Muslims though wasn't it.

I don't think we should be arguing about facts but since you seem to be the religious type there might be some ambiguity in your judgement when it comes to facts , anyway ,even though the attackers were muslims their motives were political and not religious and they weren't trying to convert anyone or whatever..
2 Nov 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

all three of you deny being Muslim.

I don't think a muslim would call the quran vulnerable since it's written by "god", but you're free to believe whatever you want

Terrorism is terrorism. Is not Palestine a Muslim country ? Did they not kill innocent people in the name of terrorism ?

You might consider it a terrorist act, but it wan not in the name of islam but in the name of palestine, it was in a period when palestinians used to target israelis all over the world (like the 1976 plane hijack) , anyway , I don't think that an event from the same nature will occur any time soon, what I fear is something like charlie hebdo or the attack on the jewish museum in brussels
2 Nov 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

"In the sense that USA sponsor terrorists and then involving Poland in actions against terrorists.

Well I won't disagree with you, I also blame the US for getting Poland involved in Iraq, which destibilized iraq and that led tl the creation of ISIS.

now look at this and see true face of muslim

if you're calling me a muslim, then i'm afraid that i'll have to disappoint you by saying that i'm not one.

"Between 5,000 and 6,000 Europeans have traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State, the EU Commissioner for Justice says"

some people might wonder how that big number of people managed to pass unnoticed, and some people are arguing that europeans are getting rid of their trash and they're flushing them down to syria

Then please explain why the Christians are being beheaded my the people who worship the Koran !

Because they are idiots, the quran is so vulnerable that you can use any verse to justify your killings, if you read all my previous posts, I'm not trying to defend the quran, i'm just giving the fact that it's not explicitly said that christians should be killed

Remember the Munich Olympics in 1972. What threat was Germany to Islam back then ? NONE

that was related to the israeli palestinian conflict, and not just islamists attacking THE WEST, a better example would be charlie hebdo.. now that's scary how two people managed to carry out an attack with assualt rifles in the middle of Paris
1 Nov 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

Qur'an 9:29-Fight against Christians and Jews "until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low."

i mentioned this earlier : 1- you pay "al jzya" which is the special tax for christians because they don't have to fight in the muslim army and muslims are "protecting them" 2-you convert into islam 3-you should get out or you would be killed

Qur'an (2:65-66) Christians and Jews must believe what Allah has revealed to Muhammad or Allah will disfigure their faces or turn them into apes, as he did the Sabbath-breakers.

I've read the arabic version of this, and it doesn't mention christians, and disfigure their faces is a figure of speech here , i'm not trying to protect the Quran, it's a horrible book in my opinion, but I just want to clarify for the readers that the quran doesn't explicitly depict christians as infidels or people that should be killed, christians have lived under the caliphate but with humiliation due to the fact that they needed to pay taxes and were treated as second degree citizens

anyway .. ISIS can use this verse and just simply say that the americans and russians are fighting Islam when they're fighting ISIS so ISIS should kill christians because of this verse :

al maidah 33-34
"Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,"
1 Nov 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

Because the Polish are Christians which make them infidel's of Islam.
Islam's Koran teaches to kill all infidel's.

in the quran christians are called "people of the book" and "the lost ones" they're not considered infidels and the quran doesn't mention killing christians

I bet not a single islamist has even heard of Duda, Kaczynski, Komorowski, Kopacz, Kukiz itd...

I bet that not a sing islamist knows where Poland is on the map
30 Oct 2015
History / How come Polonization never works? [87]

You only emphasize the negatives.
you can consider the revolution against communism as a successful polonization..
since poland started it and the other eastern block countries followed... (not to forget that there were previous attempts in other countries), maybe germany would still be divided without the courage of the polish people...

also Poland serves a great example in economics of shifting from communism to open market as it has done it in a very successful way while other countries are still suffering, polish economy has been growing and has been stable for years... and the people and the young generations are opening up more and getting more educated.
29 Oct 2015
History / How come Polonization never works? [87]

We export nothing. Nothing except apples and potatoes.

and lots of machinery and Medical devices, there are many polish companies that extract oil from all over the world, my aunt is working in a clinic in saudi arabia and they want to buy a quite expensive laser device for skin treatment from £ódż .

You have polish companies like CCC who are expanding in neighboring countries (in both western and eastern europe)

Polish wódka is been sold worldwide and is getting more and more popular since it's cheaper and has a great quality (even in Syria you can find sobieski and wyborowa and people are preferring these vodkas over absolut and smirnoff)

Maybe Polish culture isn't being exported , but Poland does export lots of things

We cut others while queuing

I beg to differ

We aren't even a little bit hospitable.

maybe not for immigrants but the poles are very hospitable for visitors

We are brutes, nothing more.

that's a bit narrow minded
28 Oct 2015
News / Poland's election winning party: PIS proclamations [229]

"Podczas kampanii wyborczej Jarosław Kaczyński obiecał mieszkańcom Koszalina stworzenie nowego województwa."

One of my friends just sent me this.. though I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing to create more voivodships other than the administrative costs of creating one..
28 Oct 2015
Love / Do Polish girls like to marry a man from Lebanon ??? [41]

The only thing that can be bad, is the double standards, some saudis (and other nationalities) might appear open minded and cool, but in reality they still keep their radical thinking for themselves and will act upon it when they get back home.

Edit :

That is true... Saudi men, when they go to Ibiza, just go insane.... and, surprinsingly, most of them prefer gay parties (maybe a reflect of have 4 wifes back at home).

that's what I meant..
28 Oct 2015
Love / Do Polish girls like to marry a man from Lebanon ??? [41]

Have you ever came to Saudi Arabia?

Oh i'd rather not to.. , I've never been to Paris though, I'm talking about Poznan.. and the saudis i've seen here aren't an exception to what i've just said.. , people who live in countries like saudi arabia and iran where the rules are quite strict might appear strange to foreigners, but once they leave the country and interact with them, they're not really that different, they listen to similar music and enjoy similar activities..
28 Oct 2015
Love / Do Polish girls like to marry a man from Lebanon ??? [41]

However, oriental and Polish cultures are different so not always obvious.

I don't think nationality matters that much anymore, the tastes and traditions related to one's culture are becoming a secondary thing, young people are becoming more and more internationalized due to the internet and pop culture.. , but this is only from my personal observation in my social circle (international and polish students) .
27 Oct 2015
Work / Is it difficult finding a job for Japanese people in Warsaw? Have you seen Japanese people working here? [12]

Please get back on earth ;).

I am on earth . I am in poznan :v , I had a japanese friend who was studying Psycholinguistics at adam mickiewicz university, and he got offered a job to teach japanese there although he didn't finish his studies and has no diplomas, as for the work permit, I have no idea how it works since i'm an EU citizen, so thanks for clearing that out
27 Oct 2015
Work / Is it difficult finding a job for Japanese people in Warsaw? Have you seen Japanese people working here? [12]

you should try and contact language schools and universities, also you can search for jobs on , if you type in english keywords you'll get english results , though i am not sure if you need to know polish in order to teach japanese, since english is a second language for most poles, poles usually learn foreign languages from teachers who can speak both polish and the foteign language
27 Oct 2015
Life / Is "Polish person - Atheist" an oxymoron? [24]

The fact that God hates gays, atheists and muslims is written in scripture.

I would like to see the source of that

The fact that God loves Roman Catholics is written in our Sacred Tradition.


and god loves muslims in the quran and he loves jews in the old testament

The Inquisition has been put into play before and it always seemed to do the trick.

I think you were born in the wrong century
.. such a thing won't be implemented even by christians themselves

acting like their loony opinions matter, when in fact they don't.

neither do yours .

It is time to rid Poland of the superstitious lot: atheists

the definition of superstition according to google : "excessively credulous belief in and reverence for the supernatural" , this fits roman catholics more than it fits atheists

in conclusion: I fear that you're gonna live a horrible life, since you will see the number of non believers rising, and you'll never "ever" see an inquisition, also jesus won't be coming anytime soon "if ever" .

-Lucifer sends his regards.
26 Oct 2015
Life / Is "Polish person - Atheist" an oxymoron? [24]

I guess it offends you that some people have a proud identity and spiritual heritage and will not give in to Islamic demands in the age of multiculturalism and decadence.

hmm.. you can believe and be proud of whatever you want for all I care, as long as this belief doesn't negatively affects your behavior with others .

You already stated you are not a Catholic, so why don't you just stay where you are? That is, outside of Poland?

Firstly, I am in Poland.

Secondly, you are being unconstitutional, since you want to kick any non-catholic person out of poland, a true patriot respects the constitution of poland, I don't know how old you are, but if you were born in 68 it means that you don't have the chance to be around young people that often, most of the young people i've met in poland are either athiests, agnostics, believe in some superior power but don't believe in christianity or catholicism.

Even the person who shares your views is calling you a troll, so i don't know if I should waste my time on this thread, but i think it's good for the readers to understand the current situation in Poland.
26 Oct 2015
Life / Is "Polish person - Atheist" an oxymoron? [24]

You don't even have a Polish name.

The irony is that even though i don't have a polish name , I am polish by jus sanguinis.

if a man calls himself a Pole, he most certainly should be a Catholic.

what about the orthodox what about the protestant , what about the jews.

"According to Poland's Constitution freedom of religion is ensured to everyone. It also allows for national and ethnic minorities to have the right to establish educational and cultural institutions, institutions designed to protect religious identity, as well as to participate in the resolution of matters connected with their cultural identity."


your terminology is outdated
26 Oct 2015
Life / Is "Polish person - Atheist" an oxymoron? [24]

can you prove me that they didn't ?

i don't need to prove anything, there
has been countless evidence and stories،
it's like you're asking me to prove the holocaust, there are too many stories and too much evidence to deny it, but i guess you are the kind who believes in conspiracies against the church.

Though i don't believe that chrsitianity as a religion should be attacked when priests rape children.

Now since this is a polish forum , can our discussion be more oriented towards poland ?
26 Oct 2015
Life / Is "Polish person - Atheist" an oxymoron? [24]

I have been noticing lately that there have been lots of criticisms of the Catholic Church.

there has been criticism since centuries

They say that many priests rape children

and that's a fact.

they say it keeps people superstitious and ignorant

sometimes, not always, some people don't let their religious belief interfere with logic.

As a Polish Patriot

I don't see how this fact is related to the subject.

It ultimately leads to Bolshevism.

hmm.. sweden denmark czech republic and other countries have a majority of atheism.
You can't say it led to bolshevism

I am starting to think the only thing that can stop the tide of persecution against Catholics is another Inquisition.

i'm starting to suspect that you're a troll

I have friends at Radio Maryja and they agree with me.

not surprised.. very intimidating