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8 Mar 2014
Study / Opinion required on teaching standards of Polands technology universities [11]

Polish universities care very little about their students, and there is precious little in the way of university community and spirit or campus life in Poland.

Spot on!
But I tell you that this aura is a 'recent' phenomenon. When people still had self respect in Poland, the universities were home to superb camaraderie, thoughtful discussions and fun. The old university student clubs had a lot of action, good gigs, music and ofcourse lots of booze - now that world has collapsed - educational standards have plummeted, self seeking 'professors' now spout pure codswallop from lecture theaters and the students register for pure nothingness... The immediate future is bleak - so to the poster of this thread - look elsewhere for education - Poland will give you no advantage out in the real world, the academic staff are likely to be biased on top of being incompetent. Sorry!
8 Mar 2014
Work / English lad looking for work in Poland [39]

Yes i agree it probably was a RIDICULOUS thread but somebody needs to ask.

Not a ridiculous thread - as you can see it produced a host of useful info that no 'professional' would have been able to give you. Best to sift through the advice above and see how best to use it - the opportunities in Poland may be crap - but give it a go, with plenty of risk aversion ... Poland is still a great place - unfortunately there is a whole generation here that gives us the creeps....
4 Mar 2014
News / Is this the first clear and open signal that Poland makes preparations for war with Russia? [163]

None of this has to do with fascists or protecting russian speakers. That's just propaganda to gain popular support. The issue is not even political or diplomatic. It's totally strategic, and Putin can't afford to back down.

A huge part of the Ukrainian economy is based on Soviet / Russian standards - much of the production is geared to the needs of the remainder of the old soviet block - to try to break this overnight and link it to the EU's of the US standards will cripple what remains of Ukrainian production. The Oligarchs sitting on these assets know this - the vast majority of them in the Donbass region have little choice but to continue to produce the shoddy goods that Russia needs; That was Yanukiewich's crumbling power base. The remaining Oligarchs wanted a part of the action and so mounted the so called coup - but they misfired and now there is that god awful mess. Nasty pieces of work have taken power in the name of freedom in Kiev; those in Donbass do nt want these weirdos to rule over them - what to do? Use Crimea as bait to bring in their cousins from across the border - after all they are Russians together - the assumed threat to the Russian fleet is a good excuse to bring in cover and so the eastern Oligarchs can still hang n their assess and continue to produce crap, leave the workers in the poverty they are in and still reap benefits. Where does the EU and the US fit into all of this? No where! The EU / US 'oligarchs' (yes !!) also want to get their mitts on the remaining Ukrainian assets and produce cheap steel, machinery and ofcourse the raw materials.

All this talk of war and invasions is all palin bull ****. All it has to do with is the various thieves fighting over the spoils. All common and honest Ukranains should stay indoors, lock the windows and watch DVD;'s until these nastier on both sides work out how they divide the spoils.

Invasion of Poland?? Don't make me laugh! All that trembling about Russian take over is the stuff of fantasies - that was in the '50's, and that is Georgia; The Poles should have been awake 10 years ago and worked Ukrainians as partners - but they did not - so now its too late; just like the EU and its mealy mouthed support. And Hague of UK has already said that his Oligarchs do not allow him to say boo to Russia...

So, what now? Let the Ukranians grow up and sort themselves out - I suspect, unfortunately that this will take ten years
1 Mar 2014
Love / English girl. Do Polish men afraid to show their feelings or they are just not comfortable in UK? [84]


How many threads do we have on here about problems with Polish spouses being emotionally distant? Once a week?

May I ask, what is your point? Too many posts with the same problem? Or too many people with the same malady?
Looking through the forum - there seems to be a lot about Polish women being nymphomaniacs, and Polski men being unable to provide this satisfaction. Definitely another PhD could be done on this - my educational institution can facilitate

As for Annie1972 - what is the answer to her question - I would suggest that if the polski cannot deliver, go elsewhere for your needs .. there are many wandering the streets of your city
20 Feb 2014
UK, Ireland / British workers filling majority of low-skilled job openings - welcome back home, Poles! [8]

So, what do you think of this?

The radio phone in show today described the arrival on a building site of several Poles offering to work at rock bottom wages ...will they now work for below rock bottom wages?? Come back home, I say! We have lots of rock bottom paid work here!
19 Feb 2014
Study / American Muslim girl thinking to go to Medical school in Poland... [87]


Your view of the Polish medicine is clearly skewed, it is not truth that it's stuck in the '50's

Actually based on visits to two dentists and two GP's in the last eight months... and as for education - its from the most recent Educational Surveys run by the Ministry of Higher Education - also, see several devastating articles from young researchers, published in the mainstream Polish press. By the way, a close relative works in Medical Academy in Warsaw.
17 Feb 2014
Study / American Muslim girl thinking to go to Medical school in Poland... [87]

Medical education and approach to treating patients is stuck in the '50's understanding of medical science in Polish medical fields - so hardly any point going there for any uptodate education - if you just need to qualify as a middling and a very ordinary average GP go ahead. As for racism - its rife in most places. They might leave you alone in down town Warszawa, though, don't bet on it - but out in sticks - watch out. There is, by the way a black Member of Parliament from Lodz (!) - but I'm afraid he is an Uncle Tom - you can always look him up - Godsons the name. And another Black posel from Poznan - they both are treated as Poland 'tokens' to posing as a 'free and a forward looking country'. Other right wing party leaders in the Parliament seem to have no problem being openly racist to Godson - calling him a 'murzynek'.... A medical student and a murzynek too ?? You will find it unwelcome. Having said this, for every right wing xenophobic Pole, you will find loads and loads of good, pleasant and educated people, with tolerance for muslims / black / jews - but they have all left Poland and can be found in UK, France etc, etc
2 Feb 2014
Love / The sexual lives of Polish immigrants (they have more sex than in Poland?) [16]

That Google translation provided by Xromium is dreadful so here's the original article:

HI - Actually I posted the original Polish title directly from from the link - it must be Mr Cybernetic, who did the google gobbledygook out of it. -Admin - Do you claim responsibility ??

By the way, Google translate into Polish is a disaster - do you know of a better one??

when your financial worries are sorted you can start enjoying the life.

Do you mean - get rich(er) - spread it about ??

Why are you picking on Kielce, £ódź and Białystok? ... actually I was suggesting that the member may stand too well in these places - and so the escape to sunny Britain may contribute to better ' arise sir galahad'
1 Feb 2014
Love / The sexual lives of Polish immigrants (they have more sex than in Poland?) [16]

A little history may help here .... Z dziejów seksu w Polsce Ludowe ... read about it in Wyborcza:

The book " The Trouble with Sex in the People's Republic " was invoked in a ritual now , the annual parliamentary debate on the solution of the IPN ( what he wants SLD) and determined by the politicians of the party as an example of nonsense , which the Institute of wasting taxpayers' money .

Just study the PRL , including the then- social life , they are really needed. PRL was not - as some of his leftist apologists seem - an oasis of progress , equality and social security .

That's right , the Communists liquidated unemployment - employing millions of Poles in inefficient plants - but social protection in PRL were poor , and the level of health care , schools and kindergartens left much to be desired. PRL was also conservative and patriarchal regime that treated gays as deviants (although not close them to prison ) , and the matter of sex as shameful.

I believe that the extravagances in 'Hotele Robotnicze' speak for themselves ...those of you with this experience of living in such places perhaps recall lots of 'prywatkas'

But looking at today, and in th UK - perhaps wellbeing and affluence help - no doubt that in the Kielce's and Bialystok's of the nation - life is tough and the member does not rise too often
30 Jan 2014
Love / The sexual lives of Polish immigrants (they have more sex than in Poland?) [16]

How wonderful - we go off to UK and live better, have more money and then we enjoy carnal festivities.......

Small wonder that the little boys of the Polska Liga get excited about our women seeking 'czarno skorny's' in the joints of Kielce & Lodz.

What about you? Do you also enjoy in this fund on the streets of Leeds ?