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16 Dec 2012
Love / Polish girls and American boys (who don't even know where Poland is located ;) [36]

Well, I guess that s not the mentality is just so common people all over thw world don't bother where Poland is....must be we r not that the Poles we ve always had that national complex to know more about other than we know about hint might be a nice thing to teach your partner a few things and a great trip inside or culture and everything u find fascinating about this...
30 Jan 2013
Real Estate / The current property boom in Poland is a bubble [342]

with all the respect....well it depends u said the market is not blooming it is in crisis...and yes it is true...wages are low and jobs insecure but speaking about English housing people here in their blocks of flats may feel like bathing in luxury...there s a world of difference ....between nice warm snug and cosy Polish flat and mouldy musty x-bed in the Uk...and there are milions of Poles who invest in Poland saving each single penny on a flat or house here...