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5 May 2013
Language / Polish/Ukrainian words similarities [209]

@ Vlad:

-->Which Polish towns/villages those students are from and why did they choose to study in Ukraine?
Does Poland even recognize Ukrainian diplomas?

Ukrainian diplomas are recognized by Poland and vice versa by governmental agreements. 600 Poles study in Lviv alone. Main reason: money, nice city and people. 6000 Ukrainians study in Poland and their number tripled in the last few years. Quarter of all foreign students in Poland are from Ukraine. Source: cle&sid=604

As to similarities and differences between Russians and Poles, I'd put them this way:

1. Genetically, Poles and especially south Russians are very close, almost identical. North Russians are more Finnic.
2. Linguistically, Polish and Russian languages are very close. If you wrote Russian in Polish alphabet, most Poles would understand it easily (say 80% of it) without prior knowledge of Russian. However, a Pole who never studied Russian would likely not understand spoken Russian easily because of different melody, accents, etc.

3. The biggest differences are cultural (Rome versus Bizantium thing) and political (Polish democracy and distrast of all governmental powers versus Russian permanent experience of absolutist, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes only.
5 Dec 2012
Language / Mushroom: pieczarka vs grzyb [24]

Zupa pieczarkowa is usually made from cultivated agaricus mushrooms. Zupa grzybowa is usually made from wild mushrooms. Every pieczarkowa is grzybowa, but not every grzybowa is pieczarkowa.
5 Dec 2012
UK, Ireland / British people more intelligent than the Poles? [53]

Brits are brainy, but not as brainy as the Poles, according to Professor Richard Lynn of the University of Ulster.

Average adult IQ in Europe:

1. Germany and the Netherlands: 107
2. Poland: 106
3. Sweden: 104
4. Italy: 102
5. Austria and Switzerland: 101
6. Britain: 100
...France and Romania: 94
...Serbia (lowest): 89 y.html

Lynn published his research in 2006 and didn't take into account a large influx of Poles to Britain. The question is: has the influx od brainy Poles improved the British IQ score or not?