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24 Jan 2019
Law / Buying an established business in Poland [10]

PolAmKrakow, I assume you live in Krakow? Can you tell me more about small business you see that are doing better than others?
23 Jan 2019
Law / Buying an established business in Poland [10]

My research (from the other side of the world) shows retail sales data on a steady increase from 2010.
Can you suggest a sector in particular that would be better to investigate?

I like the idea of a simple life in a place like Bialystok.
23 Jan 2019
Law / Buying an established business in Poland [10]


Everybody want to know about jobs in Poland and how much they need to live on.

I have a question about moving to and working in Poland. Has anybody bought an already established business and worked for themselves?
I'm talking about a small shop, something with a long history of regular business that would sustain living costs? I am not looking to become rich, it is more about the Polish way of life.

I know not everybody would be in a position to do this but I am keen to hear thoughts/obstacles. Visa requirements?

10 Oct 2015
Travel / Bialystok or... some other place in Poland. [8]

Everyone is making good points, thank you.
I was only there for 3 weeks but the cold and snow did not bother me at all. Maybe I should split my time between Bialystok and somewhere new.

Roger5 I think that I do love the mix of tradition and modern. I know all cities must change but I hope Bialystok does not change too much!

Dhryino, you sound much the same as me. Not a big city person.
So, would I be correct in thinking the Bialystok residents are unique like the city or are all Polish so welcoming in general?
9 Oct 2015
Travel / Bialystok or... some other place in Poland. [8]

Hello everyone.

Here is my problem. I have visited Bialystok during their winter and fell in love with the place and people. Everything about that place felt like home. I had never experienced snow or such friendly people before and I find myself looking forward to going back for another holiday.

But a few Polish people I work with here in Australia tell me Im crazy to not to explore the South of Poland and tell me Bialystok is not even close to the best of Poland culture and there is much better places to stay.

Should I follow my instinct and go Bialystok or take a risk and try somewhere new?

Im looking forward to hearing your opinions!
4 Dec 2012
Language / Learning Polish via YouTube? [12]

Try searching "polish 101" on youtube. There are plenty out there but the trick is finding a format that you feel comfortable with. I much prefer that one after trying a few.