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6 Oct 2012
Life / Poland monthly bills costs advice [17]

Advice needed!
My Wife is Polish she moved to the UK from Tychy, Katowice, 4 years ago to be here in the UK with me, she had no desire to move to the UK but did so we could be together (I could not leave my job at the time).

We recently got married 2 months ago and are now thinking of moving to Poland as we have a flat there and it is hard to save for a deposit in the UK and we want to be nearer to family.

We already own a small 2 bed flat in Tychy but need to know how much the bills are per month. Can anyone tell me roughly how much you pay for a small 2 bed flat (i don't know the size in meters) in electric, gas, water and rent to the government (council tax) per month please and any rates for the block, rubbish lift etc?

Also my Wife works in the UK for HSBC and is looking at jobs in banks in Poland, does anyone have any working experience of Polish banks.

Thanks :)
6 Oct 2012
Life / Poland monthly bills costs advice [17]

Hi thanks for the info so it is roughly 1000 pln per month plus the extra bits of tax.

She works front of house, opening new accounts, sales etc, so not good news really if banks are that bad. I have a job of teaching with salary of 3800 net which is good I think but she will need something too.
10 Oct 2012
Life / Poland monthly bills costs advice [17]

I was going to work teaching the direct method at a school in Katowice but I am going to come to Poland in a few weeks and also speak to Best School in Tychy and Speed, I will also look at Schools in Katowice. I have found out the wage is before tax so 3100 roughly net. My wife is looking at maybe transferring with HSBC to the office in Katowice, but I don’t think she will apply to banks in Poland as we hearing some very bad stories.

I am open to any offers!