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23 Sep 2017
UK, Ireland / Working in UK (continuous residency in Poland disrupted) and taxed in Poland [2]

I did read somewhere that if you are delagated abroad by a Polish company - then time a spent abroad counts as time spent in Poland.

I spoke with an immigration lawyer / advisor about this a few weeks ago.
To me as a brit who likes spending a fair amount of time back in the UK this is quite appealing.
Imagine setting up your own company with yourself as director and " delagating "yourself back to the UK maybe for the whole year - I asked the lawyer if this would work.... he sort of smiled and said he'd get back to me

..i can't think it would be that easy.
I'm in the same boat as you - only I've been in Poland for over six months since last year which apparently as an eu citizen counts as a full year in Poland.

The question is come Brexit , since I woundnt be an eu citizen in 18 montgs time would last year's and this coming years six month qualifiying period still count - or would the standard non eu periods of 10 months each year be necessary?

The immigration lawyer I spoke to couldn't answer that either seems as far as Brexit goes nobody has any answers.
Perhaps if instead of being in the UK for a full year you did at least 6 months in Poland that 6 months u spend in the UK wouldn't then be any bar to continuous residency .
20 Sep 2017
Law / Does anyone know how to find an English-speaking accountant in Poland? [14]

I have a child in Poland - the mum let's me see her for an hour each week.
So that's why I go to Poland.
Since its every week - it makes no sense to fly home often.
In fact I considering dumpING my rented flat in London.
With Brexit coming up I figure it would be as well to get some residency in - ie do 183 days a year.
I've read if you are in Poland for more than 183 days per calendar tax year ( 1st Jan to 31st december) your on the hook for being taxed on UK income.

I already pay all taxes due on that income in the UK ( combination of company / div tax and using the normal tax allowances etc)
Most years the cash just stays in the company account - so can't be touched in Poland authorities anyway.
Some years like last year I withdraw 20 / maybe 30 or so grand for myself from the company - which I can draw having already paid corporate tax and 6.7 per cent div tax etc.

I like the idea of working in Poland - if only for something do while I'm here ...
Don't mind paying Polish tax on that.

But I do object to telling the Polish tax man about income already taxed in the UK ...and getting a Polish tax bill on the same cash.
28 Sep 2012
UK, Ireland / Medical tourism Poland... Brit abroad [2]

im looking for help, suggestions regarding medical treatment in Poland...

my father has a problem - he has some sort of arthritis of the neck , can still move his neck , but suffers really bad headaches every day - UK nhs doesn't seem to be helping him - apart from giving him a load of morphine/pain killers ...

seems to be waiting weeks for an appointment/ full assessment with a consultant - in the meantime his gp is doing the best he can.

hes been the way he has now for some 5 months , everyday with these awful headaches , id like to do something for him - but asides from a trip harley st i really dont know where to find a private uk doctor- one that will actually do something ...

my polish partner tells me health care is good in Poland , polish friends of mine always seem to prefer to be treated back in Poland , and im told if you pay for treatment/help - you can generally get seen quite quickly in Poland - and be treated very short things get done.

i occasionally travel to Lodz, and although never having visited an hospital/ doctor there - im keen to see if the above holds true

are there any Brits in Poland , on polishforums , that can compare the nhs ... and treatment (admittedly private) in Poland ... Lodz ?