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9 Dec 2014
Life / Shipping Company Pickup in Poland? [4]

Hello All,

I have a medium sized box in Poland at a relative's house that I need to get shipped to the UK.

I don't want to trouble the relative with paying for the courier or having to take the box anywhere. Basically, I just want to arrange for me to be able to pay online, have the courier go to the relative's address, pick the package up and ship it to me here in the UK.

Does anyone know of any service that does the above without too much hassle?

Thanks in advance.
12 Oct 2012
Real Estate / Rural places to live near Warsaw and other housing questions. [9]

Haha I was actually looking at the area around Piaseczno (some cool properties in Zalesie Gorne seems like). Is the train connection from Piaseczno central station pretty bad?

How about around Jozefow and Falenica - seems to be train connections there as well.

We have a young 17-month old son and plan to put him in international schooling, so he will be joining us on commute likely.
11 Oct 2012
Real Estate / Rural places to live near Warsaw and other housing questions. [9]


My family and I are considering a move to Poland (where I am originally from). Because of my profession I would likely need to work in Warsaw. I've taken some preliminary steps to look at housing, but I am not too familiar with Warsaw, being originally from Wroclaw.

How is the rental market there? Would it make sense to get some sort of rental agent to find a place for us to live rather than trying to do it myself?

Also, ideally, we would want to live somewhere outside of the main city, in a more rural setting. That's one of the main reasons we want to move to Poland - the rural setting appeals to us. However, because of work, it will need to be some place that either has a fairly good bus connection to Warsaw or otherwise a not overly long drive. I wonder also whether there are any rental opportunities in such areas (whole house).

Would be interested to hear from anyone living in such circumstances.

1 Oct 2012
Food / How natural is food in Poland? [25]

Is there any organic movement in Poland as in the west? I have seen references to "ekologiczne" but I wonder if it is as closely regulated a term as "Organic" is in N. America?
26 Sep 2012
Life / General questions for those who have chosen to make Poland their home [32]

I've been a lurker for a while and created an account just to say good on the OP for starting this thread.

My wife and I are thinking of moving to Poland. I was born there but left as a child with my parents while my wife is orignally from Japan.

She loved Poland when we visited there and when we decided that we wanted to try life outside of Canada (and because of the unfortunate circumstances with radiation in Japan), we decided to try Poland.

I am a professional, so finding work with a foreign company in Poland is a pre-requisite to making this move, as it doesn't make sense for us to do so if I will be making a regular Polish salary (apologies to readers who live on such a salary presently, but dreams have a limit and a 95% pay cut is one of those limits).

Reading people's comments on here is very enlightening.....