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14 Jun 2015
Travel / Moving stuff from Krakow to Gdansk.. need to rent a van? Suggestions. [4]

Hi PolishForums!

I will be moving to Gdansk from Krakow, but i have some furniture, a bike, and a pet. So my best solution would be renting a van. I have been searching for Hertz and Europcar, But when i search for vans they are never available. Does someone know an alternative solution (company)??

Best Regards,
28 Sep 2014
Law / How to register my UK motorcycle in Poland? [15]

Merged: How do I get a motorcycle in Poland registered in my name?

Hi fellow Forum Members,

I have an question regarding registration of an vechicle in Poland (Krakow). I want to buy a motorcycle, but i have no idea what i need to get the vechicle registered on my name.

the things i have:
European driver license,
Pesel number.
Work contract.

Things i do not have:
I am not registered in Poland.
No rent contract ( well i have one that is from 16-07-13 till 16-07-14. But i still live there.

Please help.

10 Dec 2012
Travel / KRAKOW, Where to meet young people? (18-22 yrs) [17]

UUhm i just asked for some contacts of my own age lol, not for a scouting disscusion.
Well i like photograhpy, and i know and see sometimes students taking pictures for a project or so.
so that can be something. But they are always with a group like 5+.. so for me it would be hard to just say HI.

Btw i work for a IT company ;)
21 Nov 2012
Travel / KRAKOW, Where to meet young people? (18-22 yrs) [17]

Hi hello, i am 20 years old, i am from The Netherlands. And i live and work in Krakow for the last few months and i only go out with people who are 25+.

Its fun but i want to meet some people of my own age! I dont care if they are boys or girls, its about people in general.

Does anyone know to what club or pub i should go?

4 Oct 2012
Real Estate / Long term apartment average rent in Krakow? [11]

well a decent "one bedroom" apartament. also known as kawalerka in Polish. Has a cost range of 800-1300 ( excl Power, Gas, Water) I pay 1200zl/month and live like 10 min walk from the main square and main station!
4 Oct 2012
Work / Salary and cost of living information - Krakow [257]

5000 is more than enough. i get around the same and i have 1200zl left for my self! And thats enough for one person ( or 2). For example i pay 1200zl for my studio wich is close to Rynek & Main Station (10min walk) and i pay some like 400zl for my car. And rest goes to my wallet!

Edit- Are you Dutch/German perhaps?
23 Sep 2012
Law / where to register my self (PESEL) in Krakow! [8]

Oh i see they are very close to each other! Thats great. i live close to Rondo Grzegórzeckie so i can go on foot ;D Thanks!

Do you know where to go first? to Przy Rondzie 6 or Aleja Powstania Warszawskiego 10
23 Sep 2012
Love / How would Polish people react to a forginer in Poland? [36]

be carefull with a Polish ( or any other east european) girl. They are out only for one thing "Money" as they notice that you have seen that they will quit you or stop calling you! (i know from experience) But i know some Polish girls too who are normal and not looking for a "wallet-relationship". So it depends on the girl you meet!

In my opinion you have to go to Poland and meet people!
23 Sep 2012
Law / where to register my self (PESEL) in Krakow! [8]

I am Alex, i am 20 years old, i am from The Netherlands, and came to Poland for work!
This is my first post. i was looking trough the forum last few days. I'm not sure if this is in the right category..

I live in Krakow now for almost 2 months, i still cant figure out where to go for a PESEL.
Because they give me one adres: ''Przy Rondzie 6'' But i didn't find it. and the day after i was searching on the net and i found some usefull information such like what to bring with you (passport, work contract and a appartment lease agreement) i have no clue if this is all what i need. But then i found out that i have to go to some other offices too. But i am not able to find those adresses! so can someone please help me out

Thank you,